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Maybe its not about the happy ending, maybe its about the story …

Post fourty four: She found the light 

Authors note : This post marks the ending of Zaneerahs character...I myself am very sad to end off her character, I hope I did justice to her character and most importantly I hope you'll enjoyed reading her as a character.... Continue Reading →

Post fourty three: And she found home 

As narrated by Shagufta : At the end of grade 11 I took the leap,a leap that took me a lot of courage. Always at the back of my mind I always wanted to madressa although I barely mentioned... Continue Reading →

News about this blog 

Slmz everyone, all my dear readers and supporters... Soo it's been quite a while since I have posted and its not that I have forgotten that I have a blog its just that this year is quite quite busy for... Continue Reading →

Post fourty two:This story has a happy ending. 

As narrated by Zaneerah : Time was flying faster than my poor soul could fathom and adapt to the changes it brought along but some how the rush of time sent a exhilarating vibe of excitement through my body.Change is... Continue Reading →

Post fourty one: some closure at last. 

As narrated by Zaneerah : Saturdays are usually days I look forward to by just staying at home and ignoring all other forms of living that exist on planet Earth . Little did I know this Saturday would turn out... Continue Reading →

Post fourty : The boys p.o.v

As narrated by Yaasir : I don't understand girls sometimes, I mean they won't remember half the time what they ate yesterday but they will definitely remember what you said or did once and then they will overthink and bring... Continue Reading →

Post Thirty nine:

As narrated by Zaneerah : Life is not a movie and definitely not a fairytale in which all love stories end happily ever after. The difficult part of living in reality is even though your heart seems to be broken... Continue Reading →

Post Thirty eight :life’s just one big plot twist

Authors note 📝 I know I was missing for extreamly long but I hope you enjoy this post because I genuinely cannot guarantee when will be the next Lifes to hectic people make dua I desperately need them. 💖 Loads... Continue Reading →

Slmz beloved readers Just wanted to let you all know the next post will inshallah be after ramadhaan and I will officially be going on a short break and try to make the most that's left of this blessed month.... Continue Reading →

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