As narrated by Yaasir :

I don’t understand girls sometimes, I mean they won’t remember half the time what they ate yesterday but they will definitely remember what you said or did once and then they will overthink and bring it up for the rest of their and your lives. Why do they have to be soo picky about our little mistakes and overlook our millions of efforts to win them over.

Weird creatures 🙄.

Like with Zaneerah I don’t get it.
She just fights with me than gets angry and upset at every small little thing.

Even if it may be my attempt to make her smile.
It’s really difficult making her smile though it’s like she tries to pretend I don’t exist or something even though we in the same class.

I feel like I’m the punching bag she never acknowledges.
Sometimes i get fed up, like hello i’m human to!
I have feelings, no matter how shocking it may sound.

She’s pushing me away.
The old me would have walked away because for a fact I’m not used to being treated so unwanted but if I go she might just be left alone and I don’t want that.

I want to be the hero for once but not just any hero, her hero.
I want to help her after all in some ways i was responsible for her changing.

She is so cooped up in her own little world she doesn’t see how her frustration and temper is affecting everyone around her.

I want in, in that world of hers. I want to know her in a way no one has ever before.
I want to see the out of school, real Zaneerah. I want to know what goes on in that pretty little head of hers. I want to know what she likes and dislikes. I want to know what hurts her and what makes her smile. I want to know everything about her. I’m going to make sure i break those high walls she’s drawn so close around her.

It’s time she realizes that problems are not solved by building walls and running away from the problem itself.

I don’t know why I’m doing all this but one thing for sure is whatever the reason may be I’ll never stop trying to be there for her.


As narrated by Riyaad :

‘Clever boy ‘,  ‘nerd’, ‘goody two shoes’,  ‘perfect son’,  ‘ perfect example’,  blah blah blah.

I’m tired of all these tags, the pressure to live up to everyones expectations and dreams but mines

They don’t realize I just want to live a little, be free, make mistakes for once i just want to feel like everyone else NORMAL not like the perfect machine.

The guys are there for me all the time, I just fit it perfectly there without any pressure.
It’s all so chilled they not bothered or stressing out about grades and not getting In trouble, they so different compared to my previous group of boring friends.

Yusra blocked me on Whatsapp and before that she was going on about how rude I am to her and how she doesn’t need or deserve such negativity in her life.

Like what’s she on about, she’s always the one messaging me not the other way around and like i have a life and  other things to do rather than spending the whole day replying to her stupid messages.

Ya she’s nice and sweet but so what doesn’t mean I need to give special attention to her all the time.

On the other hand I have Zaneerahs number but I haven’t gotten the guts to msg her as yet..

What do I say to her, whatever I say has to be perfect.
I told the guys about her at first a few laughed and told me clearly that we not living in ancient times.If you like the girl go up to her sweet talk, flirt, be the gentleman she’s always wanted and boom you got the girl.

The inner me was telling me that Zaneerah is not so typical and it’s not going to be that easy to win her over.

But I don’t know why I chose to ignore my inner self and listen to the guy’s.
I guess I thought since they almost all have girlfriends they know what they saying.


As narrated by Mohammed Sa’ad:

Life’s tough, so what!
You just got to up your game and be tougher.

Sometimes life throws in a lot of plot twists and at times you got to make certain decisions you may or may not regret in the future.
One such decision I made was to marry Maleeha.

A fact we both know is that it ain’t going to be as  easy as it is in fairytales, movies and stories. It’s a long road ahead of both of us there’s going to be alot of twists and turns but as long as she’s with me, I know I’ll be fine.

The other day Maleeha messaged me after I posted a snap story of me and the guys smoking and she said something that really affected me.

“You burning your lungs but Its killing me, plz stop babe … 😭I love you too much to see you do this to yourself
plz love, try for me and our child ”

I’m trying to stop after that limiting myself to fewer cigarettes a day.
It’s really difficult for me to let go of cigarettes since my addiction is so bad but after alot of other difficulties me and Maleeha are finally together and there’s no greater feeling than realizing that the one person you truly love and you are finally going to be together the right way forever.


Authors note :
Okays so I have been missing for a while n didn’t post after my exams as i said I would and I admit to having no valid excuse not to post

That’s why Im extremely extremely sorry 😥🙁
But I’m hoping ppl are still reading and following my blog and i love u all my beloved readers❤

Okays so about the next few posts
It’s abit difficult to round up the story at this point in the story
But inshallah I’ll try my best to write as many posts this holiday and finish of this blog rather than deleting it.

Good news is I might be starting a new blog hopefully a better one with fresher ideas and better writting skills but not soon maybe only after 2017 🙈.

Till the next post keep me in your duas💚

With loads of love :
Ayesha ❤