As narrated by Zaneerah :

Time was flying faster than my poor soul could fathom and adapt to the changes it brought along but some how the rush of time sent a exhilarating vibe of excitement through my body.Change is necessary, painful but necessary. 

Sa’ads wedding day was getting closer and closer and the excitement among everyone was just phenomenal.The atmosphere of the functions we had made me happy, the busyness made me forget all my worries. 

I for one strongly objected most of these functions which in my eyes was just unnecessarily wasteful and extravagant. 

But when you called to help, you help.I made a strong resolve right then and there in my future wedding (hopefully I do get married one day) I would not have any of these silly functions which contradict shariah.

I do admit though that I want a big wedding in which all my family whether far or near can attend so that I get the duas from all. 

Recently Tasneem, Ashley and I had a amazing get together as their matric year had officially ended and they needed a break we opted for a sleep over at my house.It was a memorable night one in which I poured out all my feeling and felt better one where I felt lighter. 

While i was there I remember getting a msg from an unknown number.. 

Unknown number: “hey sorry about earlier on hope you didn’t get hurt.” 

It took me awhile to figure out who it was when I did I was slightly confused as to where he (riyaad) got my number from but I preferred to leave it for later so i could enjoy to the fullest with my bestfriends. 

I forgot to reply as usual. 

After three days I realized that chat was still archived so I just sent a quick reply so as not so be rude.

“Slmz,it’s no big deal really .”

Within a minute or less a reply came or should I say replies 

“Oh thank god I thought you would be upset.”

“how are you?” 

“how was the exams are you excited about going to matric” 

I archived the chat again. I mean no offense but I was in no mood to socialize. 

Anyways back to the present day

Today me,  Maleeha and her cousins are going for some last minute wedding shopping. 

Did I forget to mention, Maleeha is a wonderful girl.You know those girls who are extremely beautiful but have a even more beautiful personality. Yeah that was Maleeha for you a girl who went through alot more than she deserved. A girl who did many wrong but regretted deeply and repented genuinely. 

I can’t even believe how could I have ever disliked her at one point in my life.

Its strange how quickly we form opinions about people and it’s like a slap in the face when they turn out to be the total opposite. In this case it was a good slap,  a slap that reminds you to never dislike someone without getting to know them properly and most importantly TO STOP JUDGING because you never know what battles that soilder has been fighting.

Maleehas cousins and I will be wearing matching dresses,Maleeha insisted.She truly considered me as the sister she never had. 

It’s strange how close we have grown and absolutely weird now that i think i liked her would be husband it feels utterly gross. Mohammed Sa’ad on the other hand always enjoys fighting with us two and teases us on the fact that we so close it’s impossible. 

Another wonderful thing about Maleeha is that Mohammed Sa’ad told her that I liked him and everything there possibly was to tell her and she absolutely did not hold any grudge or even mention it in a mean judgmental way instead she was very chilled and calm. 

Now we come to the main part… 

The wedding. 

It was surreal,something totally out of this world I’m not really refering to the decor, clothes blah blah but words cannot express how perfect that moment was when two people who could have done many haraam or disliked actions came together in the union of marriage of nikaah. 

It was absolutely beautiful to see these two people so close to me each In a different way unite to become one.

When we all brought Maleeha to the hall where Mohammed Sa’ad was waiting for her,his eyes were fixed on her, he didn’t shift his gaze not even for a split second it was like he has fallen in love all over again and time had frozen for him.

He cried.

He had tears in his eyes and the most grateful smile on his face.They hugged and cried and almost made the whole hall cry with them. 

This story had a happily ever after and overcame the hurdles put across their way.

Who knows where this story will lead to?,we leave it in their hands and the hands of taqdeer..   

Authors note:

So it’s been a while since I have posted forgive me, matric can be stressful and leaves you with absolutely no time. 

Mohammed sa’ads story ends here for now.. 

Let me know what you guys think I’d love to know 

NB!! Do read post 41 again if you can a few changes have been made.

With loads of love and duas :Ayesha ❤