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Loads of love: ayesha
Little recap for all those who have forgotten :

– In the last post Yusra was slightly upset due to Riyaad acting very funny and rudely with her
-Yaasir tries to cheer Yusra up but if I may say fails miserably but shame he tried
-Yaasir speaks about how Zaneerah barely acknowledges his presence and how he wishes it were different between them
-Yaasir decides to give Zaneerah a good reason to love him he wants to show her his good side which is buried deep with in him.
-At the end of the last post Yaasir speaks about doing something that might ruin his own love life while making Zaneerahs
-Mohammed Sa’ad is Zaneerahs old school friend who moved to Cape Town.


As narrated by Zaneerah :

“How could he! ”
“Who does he think he is to just go put his big fat ugly nose into my life!”
“What right does he have digging out my past and shoving it straight in my face!” I exclaimed while Sumayya and Tasneem listened attentively.

“I never thought I could hate someone so much” I said  and as I was saying this sumayya abruptly stopped me.

She said something, something that really hit deeply.

“You can’t really hate a person” she said looking at me in the eye.

“Uh, yes you can have you met Yaasir?!?” I replied .

” You see that’s where you confused , you don’t hate Yaasir you really just hate his actions. Who knows maybe he intended good in a way you and I can’t understand. ”

“Intended good in what way by just going and making me and Mohammed Sa’ad meet as if that would bridge the huge gap and void filled in our  friendship /relationship or rather that nameless relationship the saddest part I guess is that I can call him my anything, Sa’ad will just remain that painful chapter in my life filled with many questions with no answers ..
The relationship which could never truly be defined by a title.”  I said thinking out aloud.

“And thats what hurts the most losing someone that was truly never really yours.” Sumayya said looking at the sky.

That hurt because only I know and understand what Mohammed Sa’ad meant to me, he wasn’t just my friend..

He was someone I could be myself with, someone who didn’t see me as Zaneerah ‘the know it all nerd’ but rather Zaneerah the girl who still eats like a five year old , the girl who could never stop talking once she started, the girl who liked to fight for the silliest of things.

He appreciated my efforts yet it always kills me that somehow distance made all of that just disappear.
The person who was once the reason behind my smile is now the reason why I cry myself to sleep sometimes.

No one else made me feel special and aporecau the way he did.

The conversation between me and Mohammed Sa’ad is one I will remember my entire life


“So you finally remembered I exist hey” I said, my voice evidently filed with sarcasm.

“Well hey to u too”, he said sarcastically while rolling his eyes.

“Oh please you have no right to be angry with me, I’m sorry but just to remind you I’m not the one who for the past flippen 2 months didn’t contact my old friends even though I’m living in the same place as them, Oh and the best part ditching me when I needed you the most and not to forget the icing on the cake you getting engaged and you didn’t even tell me.”

“Don’t create a scene Zaneerah!. ” he said clearly not happy with all the attention I was drawing towards us.

“That’s all you have to say!, you know what I’m done with this conversation. ”

“Zaneerah, wait.” He turned me around and held both my shoulders with his strong arms and shook me and said
” I love her ok, you won’t understand since you have always been single you don’t understand what’s it like to truly love someone so much.”

***end of flashback ***

His words stung me badly.
Just hearing from the guy who I never really got over tell me he loves her and I don’t know what love is just broke me in ways that are indescribable.
Deep inside I knew I was shattered beyond repair.


As narrated by Yaasir :

Never have I really seen a boy cry but that day I saw him crying I was confused, confused as hell shouldn’t Zaneerah be the one crying plus she already walked away.

So I decided to go up to him and confront him after a little while he told me everything some of his words Ill never forget especially when he said:

“Step into my shoes and you will understand,just imagine the girl you loved the most almost dying infront of your eyes that to because she tried to kill herself. ”

Turns out Mohammed Sa’ad is engaged to Maleeha because she’s pregnant but the bigger plot twist is that it’s not his child but Maleehas ex boyfriend who cheated her, who didn’t really love her he just wanted her, used her and threw her away as if she meant nothing to him in the first place.
Ismael sudden change in attitude broke her since she thought he truly loved her.
He just thought he did he truly was just infatuated not really in love, he merely just wanted revenge.

Maleeha approached Mohammed Sa’ad as soon as she found out that ismael played the plot and destroyed Mohamed Sa’ad and her relationship but his cold attitude towards her and her family pressure to abort the child was so much she couldn’t take it anymore so she went to Mohammed Sa’ad and slit her wrist before he could stop her.

She was immediately rushed to the hospital and thankfully she’s okay now.The two built on their relationship in a few months and their families agreed for a quick wedding due to Maleehas condition.
In this whole complicated situation is that Mohammed Sa’ad told his family that the child is his.

That day when I saw this guy  I just felt like his an amazing person someone I could never be. I see why Zaneerah chose him. It takes guts to accept someone who is carrying someone else’s child. That day I started respecting him thousand times more.

I know now that I have a role model to look up to when it comes to love because I have never seen truer love then this.