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Last but not the least my amazing super crazy sweet bestfriend / sister / other half naaelah I love you loads.
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As narrated by Yaasir :

Yusra, Yusraaa,Yusraaaaaaaa
But this girl can be abit deaf sometimes.

I waited a few minutes but when she still didn’t come, I walked to her room and thankfully I did..

She layed on her bed with her head deeply sunken in her pillow as if she were crying.

“Yusra, are you ok?, I mean your room is so scattered and what is your phone doing on the floor.!?”

“I’m Okay, Yaasir leave me alone. “she replied without looking up.

“I really don’t like bikes you know that, it’s just to overrated and like how are ostriches birds if they can’t fly.” I said. 

“Huh?”, she finally says while looking up at me

“If you can lie blatantly to me , so why can’t I.” I said sternly.

“We going for a drive get ready in five minutes and I don’t want to hear any excuses.” I ordered without giving her a chance to argue.

“Okay.” she said softly.

(in the car)

“So, what’s wrong?. ”

“It’s a girl problem, you won’t understand. ”

“Ok, hmm I understand..

* After a while of silence *
Can I borrow your phone quickly I forgot mine at home need to make a really urgent call to a friend for the soccer match tonight .” I said hoping she won’t catch on.

“okai.” she said while handing her phone to me

I went out of the car and quickly scrolled down whatsapp to find her most recent chat was with Riyaad.

At first I didn’t really find it strange because I do see them talking in school sometimes I mean they are classmates after all.

So who could it be?
Maybe it is Riyaad.

I sat back in the car and looked her straight in the eye trying my luck I finally said

“This is about Riyaad isn’t it.?”

“Ya huh no what, what are you saying??”she said quickly.

“Oh, I though it was about him since he likes you and stuff always mentions you.” I said but was rudely interrupted

“He likes me? He told u,? When and how and why do you know” she asked and I could see her face light up.

Maybe if I didn’t do so many mistakes,I wouldn’t have understood her but that look on her face made it so clear that he meant more to her than a classmate.

” Loving someone can really mess you up, because most of the time we receive the most pain from the one’s we give the most love to.

One sided love is hurtful,it’s like you would cross the ocean for the person yet they won’t even consider jumping a puddle for you but what’s even more strange is you will still love them because love is not entirely about attaining and possessing sometimes it’s all about appreciating and putting that persons happiness before yours even if that means getting absolutely nothing back in return.” she said almost tearing up.

“Look Yusra, I’m sorry.” I said genuinely hoping she won’t get angry.

“For? ”

“I don’t know if he likes you or not,but than again you my twin why wouldn’t he like you 😝
I was just checking to see if you like him or not.
Dont worry I won’t go all ” I will tell mum and dad and get you grounded for all your life. “. “, I tried to explain to her as calmly as I could.

“Yeah.. . “she said while looking out of the window.

“Really after that whole long speech all I get is a ya?!?” , I said acting all hurt.

“Lol Yaasir, sweet really, I appreciate what you trying to do it’s just I don’t know when it comes to Riyaad I don’t know if I’m right in liking him or not, does he like me or not. It’s just all so complicated.” she said looking at me.

“Riyaad’s a nice guy just getting a bit rebellious but why were you so upset then?.” I said.

” Leave my stories and tell me did you speak to Zaneerah. ” she said changing the topic and this time I let her.

“Let alone speak she doesn’t even acknowledge my presence I don’t blame her I just wish it could be different .”, I said .

“So why don’t you do something about it?.”she said.

“I’ll wait for her..” I said but was rudely interrupted again.

“No idiot!, what is up with you boys, girls do not ever take the first step!. You carry on waiting and she will also secretly carry on waiting until one day she gets fed up and moves on for good.”

“Other girls used to I mean you know my old ex girlfriends, like they would always be so clear about what they want and expect. Now with her it’s like a riddle I never understand what’s going on”

“Those girls were different Zaneerah is different all you have done so far is to make her hate you. You can’t expect her to just magically fall in love with you because you suddenly like her now . You have to give her a reason to like you and that reason you going to have to find yourself. ” she said.

“Hmm ya thanks. ” I said deep in thought.
With that I drove her back home and set off on a drive on my own to think…

Maybe if I show her that the Yaasir she knows is not the only side of me I think I know what to do to give her a reason to love me.

Even if it means me destroying probably my own love story and making hers….
Maybe then she will realize I really do love her her truly and I’m not just messing around.


With loads of love
and requesting a lot of duas ;

Ayesha Bibi 💜