Quote of the day :
“If they are dumb enough to walk away, be smart enough to let go. ”
As narrated by Zaneerah :

Few more days and Sumayya, Tasneem and Ashley will be writing their finals and the stress they are going through  is quite evident on their faces recently .I miss them alot though since they on study leave since yesterday .

It was the beginning of break and it was just me by our spot we sit at during break , when ‘missus I like to put my nose in everyone’s business’ seems to arrive a.k.a Laila, with her ridiculous boot heels that are making noice for the whole dunya.

I swear at that moment all I wanted was the earth to swallow me up so she doesn’t see me but unfortunately shes walking straight towards me.
Great.Just plain great!.

“Hey Zaneerah” she said with a fake sympathetic smile plastered on her face.

 “Slmz, Laila” I said not really making eye contact.

“I came to ask you did you see Yaasir anywhere by any chance?, Oh wait!, I forgot he dumped you right, Oh sorry dear you poor soul.Actually I’m not sorry you should have seen it coming where’s Yaasir and where’s you, I mean have you looked at yourself recently.”   Laila said with a look of disgust as if I’m some weird dirty thing.

      “No, I dont know where Yaasir is , neither do I care, okay.”,this time I said it looking her straight in the eye.

“Urgh whatever ” she said clearly annoyed at the fact that she couldn’t get to me but she did. Just because I put up a brave front it doesn’t mean that beneath that strong intimidating front there isn’t someone with a low self esteem and self confidence. 

I tried to blur the whole incident out and just read my novel for the rest of the break, when out of no where, a soccer ball hits me on my head! That was it I was so angry in that moment  and embarrassing is not even the word to describe the situation.

Maybe if it were not for Laila,  I wouldn’t have been so edgy so instead of just not really bothering who kicked the ball, I got up and turned to face the boy who dared kicked that ball and said :

“Can’t you see where you kicking, you boys are just so damn stupid, can’t you’ll just sit quietly during break like normal civilized people but nooo let’s all run after a ball so we can be smelly, sweaty and tired and stupid as usual.”

I finally recognized who I was talking to it was that boy at my welcome back party urr what was his name again..
Ah yes Riyaad.

Shame the poor guy, was just looking at me and not even saying anything, he probably thinks I’m weird. Great one more joins the club.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize it was you Riyaad.” I said quickly.

“You know my name?”  Riyaad said sounding genuinely shocked.

” Yes I do, lol ”

And that’s when the bell decides to ring thank god! that  saves me from an awkward and embarrassing situation.

“Slmz, I have to go to class sorry for shouting at you” And with that I left before he could reply.

The rest of my day went pretty normal just you know me trying to ignore the fact of Yaasir being in the same class as me or basically pretending he doesn’t exist.

As narrated by Riyaad :

I. Spoke. To. Her.
I actually spoke to her, I don’t care if she was shouting me or not the mere fact that she knows me is like the first step towards me and her being together.

I need to think of how to take it forward besides she and Yaasir aren’t even together anymore.

Beep. Beep.

“Hey, what’s up.”

I looked at my phone to see another message from Yusra that reminds me I need to reply to her earlier messages.

“busy chat later.” I quickly type out I’ll see if Im liss to  chat to her later. Don’t get me wrong Yusra is an amazing girl no doubt. She helps me out all the time but I see her as a friend and nothing else.

Sometimes she can be abit clingy, I mean she gets abit to annoying sometimes and I don’t know how to tell her but sometimes yoh I can’t handle it so I just don’t reply.

She pretty ya her profile pictures are cute and stuff but they nothing compared to Zaneerah.

She’s nice to talk to when I’m bored sometimes but other than that the only person I want to talk to is Zaneerah it seems impossible now but I’ll make it possible, soon.

Author’s note :

jzk to all those who commented is highly appreciated 😘 and it inspired me to write a new post for you’ll.

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Ayesha Bibi 💜