As narrated by Yaasir :

I woke up and immediately felt pain not the stinging pain in my hand but rather to the pain in my heart and head. Today is the day I’ll be seeing her again.

I was discharged the next day from hospital but had to take bed rest for a whole week. Usually I would never have agreed to stay at home or to stay with bed rest for a whole week but I know then that I needed it as a excuse for not confronting her.

I mean, I finally know what it means like to be in love, I finally understand what those stupid poems we do in school mean, I finally relate to all those love songs lyrics all because of her. I finally feel like there’s someone out there whose made for me. Bit cheesy I know but she just has that effect on me a mere thought of her drives me insane and changes me into something, something worthwhile for her.

But I know she doesn’t feel the same and somehow even though I understand that, it still feels like someone shattering my dreams over and over again and I don’t want that to happen .

As for my accident there isn’t really anyone to blame.Isn’t it strange how most of the times we tend to blame others in situations besides looking at what we are or what we did instead. 

I was going to meet up with a few friends, I needed something to keep my mind off of the things that just occurred.So I phoned them and they were at Rose bank so I was on my way driving there and I don’t remember clearly how but all I remember is a car crashed into my car and my hand protected my face and head and that’s how it got so badly fractured 

But that fractured hands pain is nothing compared to the pain I feel when I look at her with love and she looks at me with hate. I just wish I could make her understand how special she is. I wish she could understand what she means to me.

One good thing came out from all those though even though Yusra doesn’t say it but I know she has forgiven we have grown quite close this few days and I’m glad.
I somehow missed our twin bonding deep down.


As narrated by Zaneerah:

The weather usually dictates my mood and today it was cold and misty so that naturally already means, im going to be moody today.

I got ready and set out for school all normal just for all hell to break loose in school. I walk in through the gates and I feel millions of curious eyes looking at me as if I’m an alien or something and that’s when I notice him..

Yaasir. Oh god,his back!.

Back to make my life miserable but uh uh I ain’t going to let him this time.

I lifted up my head and walked like normal passed them as if I had never see him in the first place usually he’d come behind me, today he didn’t and I’m glad.

The day wasn’t so bad after all besides you know the stares I was getting and the hushed voices as I walked past people who know me or should I say knew me.

Ever since Yaasirs accident I have been sitting with a few new people namely sumayya, tasneem and Ashley . They are in grade 12 and why I chose to sit with them is because they are hellava sweet,  down to earth and they definitely not the ones who feed on gossip to stay alive.They actually fun and happy-go-lucky type of people and I’m glad I found them.

As for my old group of friends I greet and smile that’s all I can do and I don’t expect more from them either. I just do wish that maybe instead of them judging me like everyone else they would have seen me and my reasons because nothing hurts more when the people you think know and understand you are the very first ones to point fingers.

In life a lot of things happen nothing ever works according to the way we plan and imagine. 

You meet people and they play a huge part in your story but then that chapter ends and you going to have to turn the page and start a new chapter whether you like it not, life goes on..

I learnt to forgive them for everything and maybe one day they will forgive me too because for all I know there is no use holding onto grudges that weigh you and your happiness down. People who you’d never thought would leave you do leave and don’t ever let that bother you because your story is not yet over. Who knows what the future chapters holds, who knows how your ending will be? 

Today I can bravely and boldly say that I’m not afraid of falling because I know,
I can get back up on my own without anyone’s support or sympathy.


As narrated by Yusra:

I heard my phone vibrate it was a message from Riyaad I immediately opened it.

It read :

“Hey, how’s Yaasir feeling I heard he was in school today.”

Riyaad and I have been chatting here and there but most of the time it would end up in him taking forever to reply and me replying as soon as I see his message.Or sometimes him saying things which are sometimes abit hurtful but at times it would be like he cares, so in total I don’t understand what’s going on in his head.

I know he likes Zaneerah and as much as I try to convince myself to get over him and move on, my heart just won’t listen.

In school we barely talk, his always to busy with his friends and stuff and sometimes I worry his changing..
The way he talks to people and the way his attitude is nowadays and I somehow feel it’s because of his friends.

Change is inevitable this past few months or should I say year alot of things have changed some for the better and some for the worse.
It’s almost the end of the year and it felt like just yesterday when I was dreading the first day of school.

When I told shagufta about Riyaad and my chats she said something..
Something that’s been stuck in my head for while

“Look Yusra don’t get me wrong or take offense please but I sometimes think he chats to you as if his doing you a favor.
You running after him and humiliating yourself when you deserve so much more better.”

Maybe it’s true, maybe I do deserve better but how do I explain that to my heart.

I want to be there for him I want to help him because I know how his behaving now is not him. I have seen the true him, the humble soul I fell for. I just wish Shagufta would see him for that too.


Authors note /feedbackπŸ“ :
*Requesting comments on the following*

>Should Yaasir convince Zaneerah that he truly loves her

>Is Zaneerah right by moving on from her old friends

> Is Yusra blinded in love what should Shagufta do to help her

>Is Riyaad right in chatting to Yusra while he claims to be madly in love with Zaneerah.

With love and requesting loads of duas;
Ayesha ❀