As narrated by Yusra
We reached the hospital to find an unconscious Yaasir. My dad was just about to look for the doctor for further information on Yaasirs condition when the doctor walked in who later on i found out was doctor Mohammed surti .

Dr : His a fighter , oh yes Mr Ally he was brought here in a horrible state blood oozing out of his hand non stop but thanks to the Al-mighty his okay now just one small urr bad news..

Dr : Im afraid that if he doesn’t gain consciousness by 24 hours than this could cause complications .
As a muslim all i can say is make dua . Other than that he should be perfectly fine just a cast on his hand.

With that my mother looked at my father defeated and went hystericle,
What if something happens to my baby !
What if my baby doesn’t gain consciousness !?!

“Zaahirah nothing will happen to him have faith make dua come lets go, u need water.” and after my father having said that he instructed me to not leave Yaasir’s side.

Once they left i felt the need to burst and speak my heart out. Sure Yaasir isn’t dying and shukr his condition is not that critical but nobody knows whens the last goodbye.

Here lying infront of me was my twin, my once best friend but most importantly my brother.

Yaasir I don’t know if you can hear me or not but if you can I want you to know that no matter how many mistakes you have made, no matter how much you irritate the living hell out of me but you will always have a spot in my life that no one can ever replace.

I know we may have grown distant but I will make sure to change that, I will make sure I try to mend our bond and for that I need you to cooperate with me I cant do this on my own I need my twin I need my brothers actual presence back in my life.

After pouring my heart out I finally felt lighter and better. I know now that my mission is Yaasir I will do everything I can to change him back to the original Yaasir, the true Yaasir.

With loads of love :
Ayesha ā¤




Ayesha ā™„