As narrated by Yaasir:

“Zaneerah, babez what are you doing here?.” I tried to act natural so as to not give anything away to Yusra.

“How many more lies Yaasir?, aren’t you tired of pretending?.” Yusra replied.

“So you know.. “I said.

“No duh genius. ” Yusra replied while rolling her eyes.

“I urr,didn’t tell her she found out.. “Zaneerah said almost inaudibly.

“You don’t need to be afraid of him Zaneerah he WILL NOT do anything and HE CANNOT do anything not aslong as I’m here atleast. ” Yusra replied in a high tone.

“Since you know everything let me not beat around the bush , WHAT makes YOU think I’m afraid of you?, how can you be so sure I wont forward that video? ” I replied in an equally loud tone.

“Because you love her. “Yusra said looking me straight in the eye waiting to read my expression.

I quickly turned my gaze away from her to make sure I don’t confirm it. I can’t let Zaneerah know I love, well especially not like this.

“I what, no what are you saying, are you high or something?. “I said while fidgeting with my side pockets.

“Ya, what are you saying Yusra? you do realize you talking about Yaasir Ally who doesn’t love anyone but himself. Why would Yaasir like a girl like me anyway. ” Zaneerah replied.

When she said that I dont know why but a part of me hurt.I knew deep down that she would never believe me but I don’t know why it still hurts even though I saw it coming.

“If you don’t love her then why the bloody hell is she your password!, huh answer me Goddammit!. ” Yusra replied angrily.

“I’m his password?, no ways you must be mistaken “Zaneerah replied.

For the first time I was blank..
I just stood there dumbfounded no excuse came to my mind so I just gave up my defenses.

” ANSWER me Yaasir!
If you love her then why did you make her life living hell.
Did it ever occur to you in how much of pain you have given her? , how much you ruined her life?she practically lost everything that defined her happiness.

You took away her friends, her self respect you made her a cold hearted person that she never was.

How could you stoop so low Yaasir!
I feel ashamed in even calling you my brother.
If u have even a drop of self respect left in your heart than delete all copies you have besides those on your laptop and tablet.” Yusra said .

“I only had it on there. ” I said without meeting anyone’s gaze.

“Oh please do I look like I’m five? You honestly expect me to believe you?.”Yusra replied sarcastically.

“To believe me or not that’s your choice but I’m not lying and I really don’t know how to prove that to you. ” I said.

“Look at me straight in the eye and promise me those were the only copies.”Zaneerah said sternly.

“I promise those were the only copies, I promise you that no one besides yourself has seen that video I take an oath on my own life I myself did not see that video .I know it’s really hard to believe me Zaneerah but trust me I really love you.” I confessed, I was tired of pretending I somehow just needed her to know.

“Are you for real? After all you have put me through you expect me to believe this new story you have made up, please Yaasir just stop, I can’t hear more lies. “Zaneerah replied.

“I probably deserve this but I really love you Zaneerah, you the only girl that has made me feel this way somewhere, somehow I fell for you, you the only person I really give a f** about. ” I said almost pleading.

“I can’t take this anymore. ” Zaneerah replied and stormed out of the room. Soon followed by Yusra.

I needed to numb the pain I was experiencing and dialed my friends, I needed them they were my escape.


As narrated by Zaneerah :

It felt like a tsunami inside my head and heart.Too many conflicting emotions at once.

On the one side  I felt relieved that finally I was free from this dating thing and the video but now I feel trapped.

Trapped as if Yaasir has spun a huge spider web of lies and I’m trapped in between it trying to differentiate between the truth and lies.

I don’t know whether my eyes were deceiving me or not but for the first time ever I saw honesty in his eyes..

I really don’t know if his saying the truth when he says that he did not watch the video but for somewhat odd reason i want to believe him. Even after all his done to me.

One thing I honestly dont understand is, why was I his password?.
I pushed away all those thoughts because I knew what it would lead to..

Assumption, one of the root cause of misunderstandings.
I went home and went straight to the garden swing and just layed there, reflecting, overthinking as usual.

What was I going to do now?
Where do I start mending the mixed up things in my life?
How do I make things better?

Hoping to wake up to normality I eventually  fell of to a deep peaceful sleep after long.