~ Yaasir and Yusra are twins, Riyaad a normal guy who is obsessed and in love with Zaneerah but Yusra likes Riyaad .

~ Shagufta a funny Indian girl with a hectic family life but she hides all her sorrows behind her smile.

~ Zaneerah whose life has turned topsy-turvy ever since Yaasir the menace has entered her life,blackmailing her with a video and getting her to date her

~ Yaasir a spoilt brat who isn’t as bad as everyone assumes from previous posts we see that he is falling for Zaneerah but is finding it hard to express

~ Yusra finds out about Zaneerah and Yaasir secret of them fake dating when she finds that Yaasir bought his own anniversary gift.

(hope that refreshes your memory but if you have any questions feel free to comment with lots of love ayesha ❤)


As narrated by Yusra :

While walking home I tried to get out of my own web of complicated emotions.
I put aside all my emotions and problems to try and analyze the situation carefully.

Finally I had a plan formed, well sort of a plan.
I phoned Zaneerah immediately and she answered quicker than I expected.

It was as if she was waiting for the call,for my response.I immediately spoke and didn’t wait for unnecessary small talk there was just no time for that.

“Yaasirs blackmailing plan is all depended on that video. If somehow we can destroy that video then Yaasir will have nothing to blackmail you with and you can finally stop your fake dating. ” I said extremely fast in one breath.

“I get that Yusra but how are we going to get that video I don’t want to underestimate his ability to hide the video.” she replied.

“True that but we got to think and get this sorted out before it’s to late and your reputation is gone you know what I mean . ” I said

“Where do you think he would keep the video Yusra?. ” Zaneerah asked.

“laptop and his tablet, definitely.”I replied

“Great, but is it easily accessible? “Zaneerah asked.

“Urr no, not at all dear. He never let’s anyone near it no one knows the password but him and maybe…”I replied

“Maybe who! ” she asked

“Yeah I think I know just the guy .”I replied.

“Who? ” she asked.

“You’ll find out soon, see you take care, slmz.” with that I cut the call.

I phoned him but deep down I knew I was probably ruining my own love story but at the end of the day this is way more important.

It rang and rang yet he never answered, Aargh!!
So I sent him a message instead.

“Slmz Riyaad,plz phone me back or answer my calls when you can, okay? Plz I need a little but very important favor..”

Within a minute there was a blue tick ✅ which meant he read my message.

I waited impatiently for his reply but he was online but no sign of a reply.

So I sent him another message ” ? ”

Again a blue tick but no reply I threw my phone across the bed in anger and got up to go get something to eat when my phone vibrated, excitedly I quickly went to go see if he replied,but my face dropped as I read the message.. He replied

“Busy, fishing 🎣.”

I was angry at myself for being so stupid for liking someone who can lie so blatantly in my face, I mean does he really think I’m so dumb, if he was busy fishing like he says he wouldn’t be online and offline whatsapp so often and besides earlier on I saw him in the park.

I thought of how to get Yaasirs password but I thought why dont I just go try my luck who knows I might just get it right..

So I went to his room and was so relieved to find he was not there as usual but I didn’t want to take a chance so I immediately started searching through his room for his tablet or laptop but I reminded myself to leave any evidence of my presence.

After 10 minutes or so I finally found both but now the real challenge was getting it unlocked..

Password! What could it be..

So I tried :
Yaasir is awesome
Player 01

But none worked and I ran out of ideas I was about to leave the room when Zaneerah sent me a message to tell me she will be gone out with her parents at night so her phone will be at home and she will not be able to reply to me if I message her

I looked at the screen and without thinking typed in..

What happened next left me utterly speechless…

It unlocked.

I tried unlocking the tablet with the same password and it unlocked as well

Now I was not only worried but I was confused and angry as well.

Why would Yaasir put her as her password after all his put her through and this could only mean one thing.

But but it can’t be. I messaged Yaasir to come home as soon as possible.
As Narrated by Yaasir:

” Come home ASAP!! ”
When I read that message from Yusra immediately I thought something wrong has happened at home and I acted on instinct and went home immediately.

Little did I know what was in store for me..

I reached home and went straight to Yusras room but she wasn’t there I asked our helper instead and she told me she was in my room and I immediately got angry . Why and what is she doing in my room ??

Why the f** are you in my room but I saw someone else in the room besides Yusra I couldn’t see her face as she was facing her back towards me.

She turned around slowly and I finally saw who it was but that just angered and confused me more!

Why was Zaneerah here?.

Does Yusra know the truth?…

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I really have abit of hectic things going on in my life and between all that I honestly could not make out time to post

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