Post Thirty two
As narrated by Zaneerah :


My ring tone rang, it was Yusra.

“Hey Zaneerah I was thinking could we meet somewhere but my house, you see my brothers home and I doubt you’d want to come while his here. “Yusra said.

” Urr sure I’m cool with that how about the park? ” I replied.

” Okay see you there at two ,slmz. ” Yusra said.

“wslmz. ” I said and she cut the call.

To say I was nervous about today’s ‘meeting’ would be an understatement.

I didn’t have the courage to open up to her again.
I mean ya sure we were close and before I could tell her anything on my mind easily but I’m just slightly hesitant to trust her again.

Friendship In my opinion you see is one of the most fragile yet important relationships in life. When you lose trust on the pureness of friendship everything seems different, everything changes.

A part of me really really wants us to be friends again but then I reminded myself why the friendship broke in the first place..

How can I be friends with people who judge me, people who don’t respect my choices, my decisions,people who don’t understand me and don’t even try to because they just to perfect.

Time seemed to drag but the minute it was quarter to 2,my nervousness kicked in.

I walked slowly to the park, which was a just a few streets away.

I reminded myself that there’s no need to get emotional it’s time to face all my demons.                                        ________________________________________
As narrated by Yusra :
The more I try to move on the more destiny makes it impossible..

I set out early to the park to find a nice spot just to relax and look at the magnificent sky and beautiful clouds until Zaneerah comes.
But ofcourse that didn’t happen…

It was 20 to 2 when I reached the park, doing a spot hunt when I saw them.

Riyaad and a few of his friends were playing soccer abit further down in the park. I then clearly knew which part of the park to definitely avoid.I didn’t need more drama.

Before going to the other side I decided to look at him one last time, and he somehow was looking at me to, we had brief eye contact after that he turned around and played as usual like the eye contact never happened.

What hurt me the most wasn’t that he turned around and played like nothing happened but it’s the eye contact that hurt.

Every time we make eye contact it feels like both of us have alot to say but just can’t muster the courage to say it.

I found a spot and sat down trying to compose myself and remember how important today is, todays the day of truth.A day where by all the missing links to the story will be found.

I messaged Zaneerah and described to her where I’m sitting and in a short while she arrived.

Initially it was slightly tense and awkward but eventually it seemed like before.
She told me everything from what happened at the sleepover to Yaasir blackmailing her to date him with that video, etc..

I was shocked that this was my brother she was talking about. My heart was telling me not to believe her but my eyes could see the anger and pain in her eyes.

She got up and began to leave and I immediately snapped out of my own despair and shock to stop her but nothing came out of my mouth, my words failed me.

I watched her walk away and I sat there oblivious to my surroundings after a while I got up to leave, wiped my tears and now with rage and anger set of home.

I can’t believe I’m related to someone who could do something so despicable.
Im starting to feel like maybe there is something wrong with me that mostly everything and everyone connected to me somehow something goes wrong with them, maybe I’m just bad luck….