As narrated by Zaneerah :

Maa! , I’m going to Yusra’s, I’ll be back soon, love you, slmz! . I shouted as I left the house straight to uncle Piet (Zaneerahs driver) and told him where to drop me off as I sat in the back seat anxiously .

What could be so urgent?, What could have happened that Yusra called me over as soon as possible.

I had all kinds of different scenarios playing in my head as to what urgent matter Yusra needed to solve but on the other hand I was worried as well could I trust Yusra?
What if this is another sick plan of Yaasirs that he involved Yusra in.

I had no choice but to dismiss all my thoughts, as we had reached. I greeted uncle Piet and informed him that I’ll call him when to come pick me up.

My heart was beating extreamly fast, my palms started feeling slightly sweaty. I bit my bottom lip as I waited for someone to open the door hoping and praying that it’s not Yaasir but thank GOD it was Yusra.

As soon as she opened the door she grabbed my hand by the wrist and pulled me until we reached her room.

“Ouch , Yusra you hurting me. ” I told Yusra.
She let go of my hand as soon as we reached the room.
But little did I know then that her pulling me into her room would be the least of my problems..

” By me just holding your hand tightly it hurts then can you even imagine how hurt I must have felt when I found out about  Yaasirs and your little secret , I can’t believe you Zaneerah, I thought you considered me your friend less but sister more so then why’d you hide the truth from me . ” Yusra said and I could hear how hurt she was from the tone of her voice.

“Wharrrrtt are you talking about, psht I have never hidden anything from you.” I said hoping that she wasn’t talking about Yaasirs and my dating secret..

“Oh, please save the lies and excuses for someone who will actually believe them! . Is it not bad enough I had to hear the truth from someone else rather than from my ex bestfriend and brother .” Yusra said while facing her back towards me while looking out of her window.

“Who told you?.” I asked Yusra.

“Does it matter”,she replied.

“Yes ofcourse it does because Yaasir will think I told someone the truth behind our fake relationship and in the end the only one who will have to suffer is me . ”

“You’llz what!?!?!? . ” Yusra turned around with an evident genuine shocked expression, which meant she didn’t know… Oh crap cakes !
As narrated by Yusra :

I knew that there was a another side of the truth, I knew for sure that Yaasir bought his own gift but the actual mystery that hung was why?

The only way I could solve this mystery was to get Zaneerah to spill and that was when all the drama lessons learned partially in school and partially from all the series I watched came in handy.

I didn’t know what to say but when she said she never hid anything from me I knew from the way she was speaking that she’s definitely hiding something.

But I definitely wasn’t expecting the secret to be that Yaasir and Zaneerah are actually fake dating. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

“Wait this means you didn’t know that me and Yaasir are fake dating, so then what secret were you talking of.” Zaneerah asked, I could see that she was highly confused.

“The secret that Yaasir bought his own gift on You’llz anniversary. ” I replied.

“Oh no, oh Yaasirs going to ruin me.” she said while she sunk to the floor slightly scared .

I tried everything in my control to try and comfort her and she eventually did look like she was feeling better but then she started worrying about the fact that I’d tell Yaasir that I found out about their fake dating secret .

I promised her I wouldn’t but in return I needed to hear the whole truth, she promised to meet up with me tomorrow to tell me the whole truth. She called her driver and he picked her up and then I was left alone, alone with a thousands of unanswered questions.

Deep down in my heart I knew I’d get to the bottom of this by hook or by crook.