As narrated by Yusra :

“Ouma, ouma!” I shouted from my room.

“Yes, Yusra is everything okay , do you need something , did something happen?”, she asked all in one breath.

Ouma was our oldest domestic worker we always treated her like a family member and she treated Yaasir and I as if we were her own grand children.

I should have realized that me shouting like that would get her in panic but I was just frustrated I couldn’t find my favorite track pants in my cupboard.

“Sorry for shouting like that ouma everything is fine, I just can’t find my track pants.” I said calmly.

“I’ll look for your track pants now now , Anna (another domestic worker) probably mixed it up with Yaasirs.” Ouma replied.

“Its okay Ouma I’ll look for it myself sorry for troubling you.” I said slightly ashamed  at the tone I shouted for her to come.

“Don’t be silly Yusra it’s fine.” Ouma lightly said with a smile.

I made my way to Yaasir’s room to look for my track pants.

I knocked on the door but there was no reply so I opened his door to find no one in the I entered the room casually, I opened his cupboard and found my track pants, I was about to close the cupboard when a neon green colored packet caught my attention and gaze.

I brought the packet out of the cupboard to find the name “online trends and fashions.”

That was strange as I never ever heard of a shop by that name, that just intrigued me further.

I opened the packet to find nothing but another packet in there and a receipt that was addressed to which is obviously Yaasir and it showed that he purchased a limited designer jacket for R350 and a transportation fee of R100.

It wasn’t the price that shocked me it was the date on the receipt that got me thinking…

It was the same day as Yaasirs and Zaneerahs anniversary .

I put the packet back in place as if it were never removed and left his room.
I went straight to my laptop and searched the shop online trends and fashions.

I started scrolling down to see there designer jackets when I saw one that said “Someone handsomely amazing is wearing this.”

Then it was as if all the missing pieces were finally fitting together…

But the question was why??

I knew exactly who to call to get my answers…
Author’s note :

I do apologize for the horrible punctuation people bear with me 🙈

And this post marks 3 short posts in 3 consecutive days hope this somehow makes up for my infrequent posting the past few months .❤

With loads of love :
Ayesha 🌸