As narrated by Zaneerah :

Saturday mornings meant cleaning in my house.
Today I had to reorganize my messy cupboards.

We do have servants but I don’t like anyone in my cupboards so I always clean my own room on Saturdays.

I was halfway through packing my stack of unfolded clothing when I found my shiny silver diary.

Back when I was slightly younger my diary would be my only closest friend as I knew my diary would never judge me.

When I was smaller I didn’t have much friends. I guess, I was the average nerd then just a subject of mockery.
Nobody really bothered to try and talk to the shy , ‘cry baby’ with braces.

It’s sad how quickly we grow up, know looking at my diary I just realized that I hardly or barely find time to write in it.

I snapped myself out of my world of thoughts and opened my diary to the last page where I had written to find the last thing I’d like to remember.

It was the details of the sleepover we had at Yusra house, a day which brought a unforeseen storm in my life, a storm that ruined everything …

A day I most probably will never forget.

Dear diary :

Last night was amazingly awesomely fun, it was so nice to have a sleepover with my crazy bunch of friends.

Everything was perfect, from the decorations to our matching pj’s
If only Yusra was not related to that idiot of her brother who came into the room with Yusra mum to “help” keep some snacks.

When he deliberately dropped ice coffee on my pj’s and acted all innocent but I could see the smirk all over his face.
So I had to change into a pair of Yusra pj’s in her bathroom.

We played a whole lot of games that night and talked about anything and everything random that come to our mind .

That day was perfect, looking forward to way more nights like these.

Love Zaneerah ❤.

By the time I was done reading I didn’t have the strength to hold back my emotions and I cried.

I cried remembering what my friends and I had, I cried remembering how Yaasir got the video.

I cried thinking about how my dignity and modesty was at stake.

I cried at what my life has turned out into, It’s strange who would have thought I’d ever be stuck in a situation where on both sides I had to lose things and people that mean or meant the world to me.

I have no idea how Yaasir got the video of me changing in Yusra bathroom into a new pair of pj’s.

All I know is that it was either let that video go viral or date him for 3months.

In my eyes and mind it was the only right thing to do was date to save my dignity.
BUT, never in my wildest dreams had I known that in this process I would end up losing my best friends who meant the world to me and my own self respect.

As narrated by Yusra :

Moving on is always harder than falling in love.
I never had a slightest clue on how to move on from the past when the past stares you right in your face mostly every day..

I didn’t talk to Riyaad after that day but sometimes we’d make eye contact and both of us would look away I kept on reminding myself that if he wanted to speak to me he would.

Everyday I fought a mini war in my head, I always wanted to speak to him, fight with him and argue with him but I had remember the painful truth that he doesn’t need me at all.

I laughed, smiled etc as usual I didn’t want him to know I liked him alot and how much his confession affected me.

I sat amongst others but was always lonely.

At the end of the day, I have just become an average broken teen with a future that looks like a happily never after.
Authors note 📝 :
Seriously apologize for posting after long due to exams, I appreciated the comments and forgive me for not replying to them exams were like really hectic.

Hope you all enjoyed the post and remember me in your duas.

With love and duas :
ayesha ❤