Yaasir is falling for Zaneerah. In the previous posts there is mention of a video which Yaasir is using to blackmail Zaneerah.

Zaneerahs hate for Yaasir is instead of decreasing but increasing daily she can’t wait for 3 months to end and Yaasir on the other end doesn’t want the 3 months to end.

Yusra and Riyaad are still on not good terms due to Riyaads misconception that Yusra is part of the reason why Zaneerah is with Yaasir.

Shagufta is upset seeing Riyaad and Yusra like that and tries to fix things. Shagufta still is not on good terms with Zaneerah and there friendship seems broken beyond repair.

****end of recap ****


As narrated by Yusra :
I think  the biggest mistake we teenagers do is give all our time, our hearts readily and so easily to someone who isn’t willing to hold or value it.

Just because we like someone doesn’t mean that they supposed to like us back.
Ya I guess it’s the bitter truth and it’s a bit difficult to understand but it’s life.

I tried telling myself that over and over In my head to try and console myself but I knew very well I was broken..

Broken by the thought that the guy who I liked  the guy who I had dreamed of being called gorgeous or beautiful by is praising another girl in front of me that to an old friend of mine. It stung like hell.

I had no choice but to pretend I was happy for him after all he considered me as his friend.

I had no choice but to pretend to be happy for him. Ya it hurts like alot but at the end of the day I’m Yusra and I’m strong for the world I cannot break down.

I tried not thinking about what happened but honestly it was the only thing on my mind.


“Look Riyaad, I’m glad Shagufta arranged for us to speak atleast i finally know what had been bothering you. To be honest I’m hurt, very very hurt that you didn’t tell me about this I thought we were friends. ” I said.

“What I don’t get is how did you assume I was involved in getting those two together I mean it doesn’t make any sense. “I said In a joking manner but In my head I wanted to scream at him for believing some stupid rumor that I was involved in getting them together.

“Ya, I seriously apologize for me being a dumbass but thanks for being there for me still after everything. “he said and I could sense the relief in his voice.

” I’m sure it must hurt to see them together you really love her don’t you. “I asked him but a part of me didn’t want to hear the answer .

“More than you can imagine, she’s the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. ” he said with a broad smile on his face.

“..ya she is isn’t she.. ” I said trying to compose my feelings and still keep that smile on my face.

“Well I’m glad my friend has good choice. “I said.

“She’s the best choice. “he replied.

“Lol look at you!, so  in love it’s making me sick keep me away from your icky love. ” I said.

“Well I am drowning in it.”he replied.

“Okay, urr I got to go Shagufta is waiting for me by the gate. ” I said because I knew I couldn’t hear more about him speaking about another girl in front of me.

I went to the gate and put on a perfect smile like everything is perfect.

When fate decides to play a cruel prank on me.. The last person I’d want to see after Riyaads confession was walking right by.

I. greeted. her.
Why I don’t know but I just had to.
And the rest was just drama I didn’t even bother to break up the argument between her and Shagufta because all that was on my mind was him.

I ran into my room as soon as I came home and locked the door.
His memories were flooding and taking over my mind I cried behind the locked door of my room. No one needs to know I’m hurt…

As narrated by Zaneerah :

I have always been a very sensitive person.

My anger, my sorrow, my troubles and stress all always transformed into tears.

For most people, tears as just a few droplets of water that flow from our eyes but to me they were always more than that. They flow not only from my eyes but straight from my heart.

I have always wanted to be strong and never let my sensitive side ever come out in public but that day.. I couldn’t control it.

Seeing your once very close friends and pretending to not care is really difficult but what hurts more is when you spent so much time with them yet they still don’t understand you, they still judge you.

That brief argument with Yusra and Shagufta drained my happiness and peace and was enough for me to overthink and ruin my long weekend.

I was walking towards the main gate that day as it was after school but standing by the gate was none other than Yusra and Shagufta.
I was planning to just walk by and pretend to not see them but as usual that didn’t go as planned.

Yusra called my name and I turned around to face them. Yusra then greeted me with a Salaam and I greeted wslmz back with a fake smile.

“It is quite strange to be acting so formal after being friends for so long”, Shagufta remarked.

“Ironic for you to say, I mean after being my so called ‘bestfriend/ neighbor’ for soo long you still don’t understand me, u never did and you never will. “I replied back angrily I don’t know why but I just snapped at that moment .

“We don’t understand you? You just blinded by your love and boyfriend that you have changed so much. We were only trying to guide you by telling you whats right and whats wrong.” replied Shagufta.

“Right like only I have changed ne,So darn predictable for you to put all the blame on me!.
Well you know what!, I think I have had enough I don’t need you to tell me what is right and wrong for me I have a mother for a reason” … And with that I walked away.

I reached home and buried my head in my pillow and sobbed until I got a killer headache.

Why don’t they understand😞, if it were not for Yaasir blackmailing me with that video I would have never ever dated him .
Why couldn’t they understand that I would never date anyone out of choice.

I am dying each day, being with Yaasir…
I can’t wait for these 2 months to be over than finally our deal will be over.

Authors note :

I am soo extremely sorry for posting after long due to certain circumstances…

I hope the recap was helpful if any of you’ll are still confused about anything don’t be afraid to comment.

With lots of love and duas :
Ayesha 💖

Yusra and Riyaad