As narrated by Zaneerah :

“What’s the plans for the long weekend ?” Yaasir asked while waving his hands frantically in front of my face as I pretended to not pay attention to what he was saying .

“Sorry I didn’t get you ,what!” I said just to annoy him.

“I asked ,what’s the plans for the long weekend?”Yaasir said .

“Staying at home ,the only place where I definitely WILL NOT bump in to YOU.
You know I’m actually looking forward to not seeing your face “I replied with a genuine smile on my face.

“Yeah right hun ,we ALL know how much you love my pretty face.”he said acting like his Mr PERFECT ya right his miles away from perfection.

“Which one ? ,The one that resembles shrek or the one that would make a hobo look like a super star !”I said raising my eyebrows .

“Watch what you say Zaneerah !or else I’ll make that video go viral. Apologize or watch me …”He said but I interrupted with a sorry and walked of.

I can’t wait for these 3months to end !,
I HATE him !,Yes hates a strong word and that’s exactly why I’m using it !.

If only he didn’t have that video ,I don’t even know how he did it!
Damn him bloody dimwitted brainless blackmailer .


As narrated by Yaasir :

Time seems to be going really fast , I don’t want these 3months to end.

My friends regard me as a daredevil for making the impossible possible of getting Zaneerah to date me.
I didn’t tell them the full truth obviously..
I just told them that Zaneerah herself came up to me and asked me out .
They didn’t believe me at first so I just had to add another whole bunch of lies.

Before proving to my friends that I can do anything meant a lot to me ,now it feels worthless..

I hate having to remind her of the video but she just has to act so harsh she trying to take advantage of me being nice and I’m sorry but I will not let her.

I sometimes say things to try and keep a conversation with her but she never replies properly..
I don’t blame her ,I am black mailing her after all.

I mean ,I’m sure she probably murdered me in her head brutally with chopsticks more than 20 times already .

I don’t love her I really don’t ,Its just something about her that I don’t ever want to lose .

She’s not like those perfect type of girls ,she doesn’t have blue eyes or perfect blonde fair and stuff like that.

She has light brown eyes they aren’t small or big eyes they just the right size with the trade mark indian almond shape.

Sometimes I just get lost in her eyes its like her eyes are the diary to her beautiful soul .

Oh my GOD ! , am I getting poetic? , what is wrong with me !
Look at what this girl does to me !
Authors note :

Slmz , sorry for posting after soo long my phone decided to not work so blame my phone and not me πŸ˜›

Sorry for the short post as well , not sure when the next post will be out due to certain circumstances might not be able to post so often …

With love and requesting loads of duas :

Ayesha ❀