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Quote Of The Day :

“Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie all we have is what’s in between Hello and Goodbye.”

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As narrated by Riyaad :

We had a Maths test today .
What a way to start of your Monday morning, neh!.

After writing the most challenging Maths test ,Shagufta came up to me .

Urr, actually more like charged towards me !
(Okayyyy that was abit too mean I take it back)

“Why are you creating unnecessary drama Riyaad? ” She asked me.

“What drama ?” I tried feigning innocence but I knew she was referring to my behavior towards Yusra.

“We ALL not blind you know !, Whatever it is keep it between you and Yusra ,Why must you KEEP on insulting her in front of everyone !?!.” She said in an annoyed angry tone .

“This is none of your business Shagufta ! but I shouldn’t have expected you to mind your own business ,you are a typical indian after all !” I replied equally annoyed .

“And I can’t believe I EXPECTED you to actually understand ,I thought you were sensible but thanks for proving me wrong .” she said before storming of .

After first break and venting out my frustration on that damn soccer ball ,I felt I was abit to harsh to Shagufta and that I owed her an apology .

So after Afrikaans class before we could head to Life orientation ,I walked behind her and cleared my throat to get her attention.

She turned around ,gave me a questioning look and asked
“and know ?”

“Look ,urr I’m sorry for being abit rude earlier on.”

“Its okay , I should have ‘minded my own business ‘.” she said in an apparent sarcastic tone.

“I am genuinely sorry” I said trying my luck one last time .

“Its okay I guess 🙂 ” she said with a smile and in a non sarcastic tone.

The rest of the day ,I tried not say or side comment on anything Yusra does.

I don’t get it though no matter how much I insult her , she hardly ever insults me back…

As narrated by Shagufta :

Monday went awesome besides that horrible Maths test we wrote !.
It made me feel 10 times more worse then not seeing parathas in my lunch box break time.

During second break we had loads of fun especially because Yusra bought champions(a hard toffee type of a sweet) from the tuck shop .
And I was struck with the most amazing idea ever :P.

I made them put it in their mouths and asked them to talk about anything and everything and after a while I joined them too…

To say we all sounded abit cukoo was probably an understatement !

And you won’t believe who sounded the most hilarious…

None other than Laylaa !
Gosh that girl sounded crazy .

While walking to class, I told Yusra about my short convo with Riyaad..

“He was initially really rude to me when I told him to cut his crap of his side commenting ” I told her but couldn’t complete my sentence as she butted in.

” You did WHAT !, Why Shagufta ? ,leave him ..” She told me but this time it was my chance to butt in..

“Oh puhleez ! , you two should get married !. He also blew and told me to mind my own business ”
but then I noticed the KILLER LOOK she gave me and I felt it was safer if I dhut my trap for a little while.

{**after a few minutes which felt like hours of awkward silence**}

“Anyways Yusra , the point is that he apologized for being rude to me and in my eyes that’s really something rare to realize your mistake .
His a good guy and I don’t know why his doing this to u dear ? You can shout me all you want but I’m your friend and I can’t bear see him insult you all the time.”

“Correction you are my BEsTEsT FriEnd Shagufta” she said while giving me a huge bear hug .

“I wish ,I knew to .. ” she said after we stopped hugging.

I could hear the despondency in her voice and that’s when I was struck with yet another amazing idea *inserts the imaginary lightbulb * .

As narrated by Mohammed Saad:

They say one should never push a loyal person to a point when they no longer care..
And that’s exactly what life decides to do with me. I expected life to be fair but unfortunately one doesn’t always get what one deserves ,that’s how its been for ages and that’s how it always will be.

People have asked me abit too often if I feel hurt when I see her with him ?.

To be honest ,ya it did in the starting but then I realized it was her loss.

One day I’m certain she will come back crying to me ….when she finds out the truth and how cheap her lover boy is.
BUT then I won’t be her shoulder to cry on nor will I be there to give her my tissues .

So what if Maleeha isn’t with me .
I don’t need her .
I have myself and I’m ENOUGH!.

Love is just a waste of precious time and energy .Everything is fake in this artificial world, True love is not valued anymore ,so WHY should I waste my time ? .

Its like I get a suffocating feeling in school nowadays I just wish I can finish high-school go to university graduate get a job and get settled already.I’m tired of all this drama.

I looked up at the sky , even the weather is getting dramatic, I mean cloudy.

I got home to find no one there..
*Sigh* ,nothing new ,Dad was probably out ‘busy’ , Farida Foi was probably next door gossiping her tongue away .So that just leaves me.

I went to my room , closed the curtains and locked the door .
I lit up a cigarette and sat on the floor with my back against my bed ,I was surrounded by darkness and smoke but strangely it didn’t make me feel lonely but rather the darkness that surrounded me got rid of the inner darkness looming around my heart…

Authors Note :
Slmz , hope you all are well 🙂

And hope u all enjoyed this bonus of Mohammed Saads thoughts ,this will be the end of Mohammed Saad until later on in the blog 😉 or untill further notice x_x

**Requesting special duas for my cousin who is also a veryyyy loyal reader of this blog ,Zainab ;), who will be writing her trials soon,GoOD LUck CUz , love uuu zainz ❤

With love :