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Quote Of The Day :
“Forgive what hurt you but never forget what it taught you.”
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As narrated by Maleeha :

“Meet you at our spot second break 😉 ❤ "

I read his message and smiled but I didn't get that butterflies zooming in and out of my stomach type of a feeling..I think the butterflies died in some part of me.

Our relationship was way more different then my first, then again I can't compare the two. One broke me, the other one stood by my side and helped me mend my heart .

He was always there for me. He loved me way before I even loved myself .
But… somehow deep down I knew he would never get that spot in my heart like how Mohammed Saad did..

Ismael is a wonderful guy. He pampers me like I'm something out of this world, but beyond that, nothing .He loves me no doubt but sometimes he fails to prove it.

Maybe I'm just being difficult but its like, I would always speak and he would just listen. I would get angry, he would just apologize. I would feel sad and he would just get me chocolates.

Ismael used to like me way before Mohammed Saad came into my life but even while I was with Mohammed Saad, he would message me and let me know that he loves me and always will and will wait for me no matter how long it takes.

At times, it would make me angry as I was with Mohammed Saad and I found it cheapish but now If I look back I realized, it was just his way of letting me know I mean something to him.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that someone loves you so much and won't think of ever hurting u …

I tried forgiving Mohammed Saad before I said yes to Ismael so I can let go of my grudges. I even went up to him to tell him he means nothing to me, and what he did is in the past and i may forgive but I cant promise to forget and I doubt we can never get back together even though I forgive him ..

The first time I tried to tell him he was busy playing soccer as usual.
The next time I tried, he was with a whole bunch of his friends so I didn't get the guts to do it. But like a month or so ago, I found him alone and I walked up to him and we spoke peacefully without arguing for once.

He was told me that he will never be able to replace me coz' he doesn't want to replace me and he hopes one day I find out the truth.
He told me that I will be the last girl in his life as he doesn't belive in love anymore, when his phone rang..

It was Zaneerah! I couldn't believe him!

The way he was speaking to her, I couldn't take it, why was he so concerned with her?

He looked up at me and I looked at him trying to hold back my tears ,I started to walk away when he cuts the call and tries to stop me but I just got fed up of his lies and excuses ,I'm over him and he can talk to whoever he wants I don't care.

From there, I sent a message straight to Ismael that its a yes from me.
Now its been 3 or so weeks of us dating…

And I'm happy.
I think…

With Slmz and duas :
Ayesha ❤