Ammi! Abba! Don’t go! Don’t leave me here! Please …

I screamed as loud as my voice possibly could but to no avail ,they didn’t stop nor did they turn around to look at me for the last time.

I was alone in a big dark room, I sank to the floor with my face in my knees, my hands wrapped around my legs when I heard …

I heard his laugh…

It echoed throughout the room, I tried blocking my ears but it only got louder and louder …

With that I jolted up with a shock and realized it was just a nightmare.

I sat in bed staring at nothing in particular when I checked the time on my phone and realized I needed to read fajr .

I got up quickly and read my salaah but I didn’t want to go back to sleep.
What if I get another nightmare ?

I sat on my musallah (prayer mat) for a little while longer and pondered over how I got myself trapped in all these hopeless situations.

They say one should never react when one’s angry.
Maybe my life would have been better and a bit more different if I didn’t react in anger to what Yaasir did that day. I mean, he is a guy after all.

It was sometime before second term exams when Yaasir came up to me and asked me if there was a pen mark on his face so I checked and saw nothing, then later on in accounting, he comes back to me and tells me in a flirty, proud tone, “I know you like me.”

I thought maybe he was just joking so I casually said “In your wildest dreams”
Then he said
“I know you dream about me too”

He was beginning to creep me out with the way he was looking at me…

I didn’t say anything to him after that until he decides to irritate me while I was walking to the playground.

He started saying stupid things like why are you so shy and all those stuff.
Then he had the audacity to tell me if I didn’t like him, why did i tell him about all my sad love stories about Mohammed Saad?

I got really angry when he brought Mohammed Saad up so I said in my anger
“Dude get over yourself not everyone dreamz about you! I have standards u know! And you certainly do NOT qualify for them.”

“I’m below YOUR standards ? “He askd looking me up and down.

“Yes way below Yaasir. Now get out of my way !”

I tried going past him as he was blocking my way but as I tried to go, he held on to my hand and didn’t want to let go. When he finally let go of my hand and laughed,it pissed me of even more, I acted on impulse and well …


Yes I know its hard to believe but he provoked me so I guess he deserved that one..
I didn’t even know I knew how to slap…

Then I said rather loudly in his face “I will NEVER date you even if you’re the last guy left on earth. I’d rather stay single for the rest of my life and if I had to choose between you and a homeless hobo I’ll go with the hobo!”

I walked away slightly proud of myself and pretended this never happened.
But little did I know then how much I would regret what I did..
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With loadz of love and duas :
Ayesha ❤