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Quote Of The Day :
“Don’t always rely on the thought that one will always have a shoulder to cry on , one must learn to carry ones own tissues.” -Ayesha.S
(A quote made up by me 😛 hope it makes sense )
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As narrated by Zaneerah :
It was midnight and I still couldn’t sleep , insomnia was becoming part of my daily routine.

One specific flashback didn’t seem to want to leave my mind and it didn’t fail to bring tears to my eyes each time.
I remember that day as if it were yesterday…

I was desperate that day very confused and as hopeless as I felt ,I knew I just had to phone him as I thought no one else would understand.

I dialed his number and after a few rings he answered and my heart skipped a few beats all I wanted to do was pour out my heart to him …

** the phone call**

Zaneerah :
Mohammed saad …

Mohammed saad :
Zaneerah ?

Zaneerah :
I need you here Mohammed Saad ,I just can’t anymore I just …( I said with a lot of sobs in between )

Mohammed saad :
Zaneerah , calm down what exactly is going on ?

Zaneerah :
I need my best friend again ,I’m stuck in this strange situation and ..

“Maleehaaa , Maleeha wait its not what you thinking Maleeha ” I heard him shout in the backround.

Mohammed Saad :
Zaneerah I’m sorry its an emergancy I’ll call u back.

And he cut the call ,shattering me as if I was not shattered enough …

I felt like a pathetic loser I should have known …Ever since Maleeha has come into his life I have been second and its a really suckish feeling to be put second to someone who was and would always be your first choice .

The next day he had the actual nerve to call me back .

I didn’t answer it .

I didn’t need to pour my heart out to him anymore , he couldn’t care less if I were run down by a truck or If i died in my sleep.
I have learned my lesson way to many times with Mohammed saad and I will not be fooled any more. I mean nothing to him .

**End of flashback**

I turned my pillow to the opposite side as the side I was sleeping on was wet with my tears .

And within a few min I was fast asleep only to be interrupted by yet another nightmare…
Authors note :

Sorry for the short post .
This post is post 24 (part 1) the first flashback and in the next few flashbacks everything will be revealed so be patient .

And I think from an authors point of view the story has only started from the recent few posts soo buckle yourselves up ,loads of drama up ahead 😛

With loads of love :