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Quote Of The Day :
“Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back.”
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As narrated by Yusra :

Its already Friday and finally the dreaded first week of third term is almost over.

This week has drained me physically and emotionally.

I still remember Monday and how it started of with a pleasant surprise which ironically lasted the whole week .

What I mean is ,on Monday we arrived at school not only early but extremely early for the first time in his life Yaasir was done before me and was actually screaming at me for making him late!.

I just taunted him the whole way about how one girl could have such an effect on him .

I entered school and saw the usual crowd of students but majority were abit too chirpy for my liking.
Till today I do not and I doubt ,will I ever understand how people can get so damn excited for school like I mean really, how?.

Yaasir walked up to her and they walked away somewhere.
I don’t quite know where they went as I didn’t follow them but I instead headed to the lockers ..
but according to the gossip I heard going around is that Zaneerah bought Yaasir a jacket that says “Someone handsomely amazing is wearing this ”

I need to go raid his walk in closet to see if its true and apparently she loved the gift ‘Yaasir’ got her, *ahem* *ahemm*, of course she would have liked it after all I chose it 😛 ,I always knew she loved charm bracelets.

I was never one to get sad and hurt about what people say or think about me but the things his been doing just hurts me so bad .

On that same Monday of Zaneerah and Yaasirs anniversary ,while i was walking towards the lockers ,Kylie a white girl in my class came up to me and started chatting to me about how holidays are already over and she also inquired about my Ramadhaan and Eid .
Kylie has always been so talkative and funny it was nice seeing her after so long but that feeling was short lived as Jonathan another white guy in my class comes by us with Riyaad.

Jonathan greets me etc but Riyaad doesn’t and to add more salt to my wounds, Riyaad starts talking to Kylie in front of me .
I mean he was laughing and talking so nicely with her but he didn’t even have a second to spare ,to greet me?.
So I excused myself from there but I doubt he noticed…

Later on in class my pen fell on the floor and it was under Shaguftas chair so I asked her if she could please pass it to me when Riyaad side comments that

“Like brother like sister, always getting others to do their work for them because they too high and mighty to do it themselves ”

I mean I just asked her to pick up a pen for me as it was nearer to her ,gosh!.
I didn’t even say anything back ,I just can’t handle it anymore why’s he treating me like this ?

The rest of the week followed in the same fashion ,he kept on doing and saying things that would hurt or insult me but all I could do was smile and pretend like it wasn’t bothering me when deep down a part of me wanted us to be friends like before …
As narrated by Zaneerah :

I can’t believe this week is still not over and its only Friday.
This week has just been dragging and the amount of work we have done in this first week so far is ridiculous .

I understand grade 11 is really important for matric but we just came back from a lengthy holiday and ramadhaan and now all this work.

Plus I have to deal with having Yaasir as my ‘bf’ ,trust me it ain’t everyone’s cup of coffee.

He doesn’t understand the simplest of things in maths and if you don’t tell him/explain to him nicely he will get angry and start throwing a tantrum like a 5 year old.

Its like I’m his personal tutor not like I’m complaining or anything ,i have always liked helping others and stuff it makes me feel good in a way.

I will never forget this week, the way he drives me up the wall !
Especially when he made me sing in front of his friends how embarrassing:(

I’m not one bit interested in this anniversary thing but he had to go and make it such a big deal.
I mean ,I absolutely loved the charm bracelet he got me but obviously I could not admit that to him.

And my “bf” buys himself a jacket that says “Someone handsomely amazing is wearing this ” and it has a picture of two fingers pointing towards himself .

I mean really now !.

I tried hiding in the library most of the week so he doesn’t make me show everyone how verrryyy much in love we are.
I respect my privacy why make a big show about everything ?
As narrated by Yaasir :

Useless, immature and ungrateful little creatures are girls .
Not even a thank you came from her when I bought her a charm bracelet, sure I didn’t choose it but it was bought with my money so… same thing.

Urgh, anyways.

What a rush it was when I had to get a gift for myself !
Luckily I found a pretty cool jacket online from a shop in Nelspruit.
I contacted them and told them, I’ll pay them extra if it gets delivered before 7 in the morning ..

“Money makes the world go round” ,so as per my command I had it in my hands before 7 .

Who thought having a girlfriend would be so difficult.

She tried her best to avoid me during the week but it was okay coz’ I punished her for cutting the call on me and not buying me a gift on Wednesday.
During break I took her to my other soccer buddies and they were with their gfs when I announced that Zaneerah wants to sing for me something but is to shy.

She gave me a look but I ignored it and whispered in her ear
“its either u sing or I show them that video ..”

And then I saw the instant defeat in her eyes and with a huge grin on my face I said out aloud
“Go on, babes no need to be shy”

And she began singing…

” For the rest of my life
I’ll be there with you
I’ll stand by your side
honest and true
For the rest of my life
I’ll be there for you ,loving you”

I was to mesmerized by her voice that I didn’t even shout her for singing a nazm besides I doubt the guys even noticed that it was a nazm they would never listen to nazms ….

Her voice had the power to melt hearts ,and I think I can feel mine melting too ….
Authors note :

I just felt the need to clarify that this story is not based on the theme of love but I rather intended on basing this story from the very beginning of the blog on the fickle relationships in life and also on the unexpected turns and twists of change one experiences in the roller coaster ride we call life thus making life a happily never after in many ways.

The aim of the blog is to show that people make mistakes as it is in human nature to err but in my opinion mistakes are the greatest way to learn..

So I hope you all are enjoying the story so far .

Negative and positive feedback is appreciated 🙂 ,so don’t be afraid to comment.

With love and duas :
Ayesha ❤