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The most merciful person is the one who forgives when he is able to take revenge .-imam hussein
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As narrated by Laylaa :

"Time heals all wounds."
The saying that I always heard but never believed.

Zaneerahs betrayal has carved a wound in my heart that I doubt will ever be filled.

I still remember Zaneerah's party where she proposed to him as a dare I should have known from that day that she was eyeing my guy !.

{Post 16 , if anyone wants to refer to.}.

I'll get her back alright ,revenge is a dish best served cold .

I'll make her cry just the way she made me cry ,I'll make her feel alone and used just like how she made me feel alone n used.

She herself turned her friends against her , I didn't even have to make much effort. She's friendless and defenseless.

Shagufta was not at all hard to get on my side ,all I had to do was eat her disgusting parathas but then again one has to sacrifice a little for a bigger gain .

Yusra on the other hard was not as easy as I thought , it took some time and abit of emotional drama to get her back.
I just had to make up a few tales about what's going on at home and she was back like before with me.

I have to try and act holy so I started wearing long tops with inners and wore scarf on fridays .
That was actually not that bad it was easier on days when I was lazy to straighten my hair I would just throw a scarf on my head I didn't even need to wax that often with inners coz u can't see anything.

There's no point in dressing up really nowadays , there's no one to impress .

I HATE that two timing little a** h**

I regret each second I spent obsessing over him . He has made my life miserable but oh his in for a surprise if he thinks he can live happily ever after and ride of in the sunset with his dream girl after ruining my life his got another thing coming !.

I'll make his love life miserable , he and that lil B*** Zaneerah will pay a price for making me miserable and for embarrassing me infront of basically half the school .
As narrated by Riyaad :

Why can't the people we love , love us back ?.

Why did she choose him and not me :'(.

I should have known better someone as perfect and gorgeous as her would never go for a loser like me 😥 .

She's better of with yaasir , he has it all ,the looks the money.

As much as it hurts, her happiness is my happiness.

I still love her no doubt I always will but the painful truth that she loves someone else will always remain </3 .

It was always so easy to advise others to move on but just thinking about moving on from her thoughts are breaking me .

I'll explain to my mind that she's not mine but what about my silly heart which still gets butterflies when I see her .

Nowadays those butterflies have turned into bees that sting me each time I see her with him.

I always dreamed of my happily ever after with Zaneerah , now that its shattered I know I'll never be able to love some again, I'm not worth anyone's love .

No one will love a loser, middle class average guy like me , I'm better of alone ..

I try distracting myself with things like soccer or playstation but everytime I pause I think of her ,her smile and her two cute dimples.

I'm afraid of losing her when she is already lost in his arms,in my dreams shes mine but in reality his her dream come true .

Schools starting tomorrow and as much as one part of me is dying to see her the other part doesn't because each time I see her I fall in love all over again.
To be honest I can't wait for the work as it keeps me going and while I study its keeps all her thoughts away.

The only thing is I'll have to see Yusra .

Just thinking about having to see her makes my blood boil.
She reminds me of her brother , they both the same , its because of her brother that my Zaneerah is not with me .
So many people say that she set the two up, and to think I considered her as my friend.
She brings out the worst in me ,I just wish she doesn't come to school tomorrow.
As narrated by Yaasir :

Yusraaaaaa ! , Yusra !!!!, Yusraaaaaaa !!!!!!!!, I screamed impatiently from my room.

Where is this deaf girl !

"What ! " She screamed back .

I stormed into her room , she was just reading a novel on her bean bag when she turned around and looked at me and said

"Did your sister not teach you how to damn knock before you enter any damn room !"

Cut your crap , I don't have time to waste .

"So why exactly did "your highness" grace his magnificent and royal butt in my room ?",she said loudly in a sarcastic voice .

You coming shopping with me tomorrows Zaneerah and my one month anniversary and I don't know what to get her !, I said genuinely confused and worried.

" LOL , Yaasir Ally buying a gift, that to for a girl ! ,this I have to see like wow just wow .Well your highness I will not go shopping with you ,keep me away from your ickky love ."

I'll buy you something ..I said trying my luck.

Don't look at me like that I was desperate !

"Okays ,hmm fine let me get ready and we shall leave in 5 min "

I knew it girls also so predictable.

Those 5min turned into half an hour , whatttt okayyy I needed to look good I have a reputation of unlimited handsomeness to maintain .

Hours and hours went by and we basically searched the whole mall yet I didn't see not one thing that Zaneerah would like .

On the flip side though Yusra was shopping up a storm .for .herself!.

Which I had to pay for from my pocket money ! .

Yusra came out of a shop whose name I didn't quite check and she threw a packet in my face .

Literally in my face, I was about to scream my head off when she told me
,actualy it was more of ordered me

"There , there's your gift its already wrapped so don't bother opening it , trust me on this one .Now can we go nw I'm tired ."

With that we went home and I went straight off to bed .
Laying in bed I couldn't help but laugh at what a genius I am.

I mean as I said earlier what I want is what I get , a smirk crept on my face as I remember how I got Zaneerah to be my girlfriend …

Now she's finally mine ❤

My thoughts and flashback were disturbed by a call , I check the caller ID and it was none other than my "bae"

" Yaasir I didn't get time to shop , plz just bring your own gift and I'll bring a gift bag from home if I don't bring a gift for you everyone will get suspicious and I'll put the gift u bring in my gift bag okay? "

Ouch!, I exclaimed more dramatically then I expected , how could you not get me a gift babez ?

" Oh plz drama queen , save it. K bye I don't have air time to waste bring your own gift or not ,your look out"

And she cut the call on me ,how dare she !.

She cut the call , she actually cut the frikken call on me !

She will pay for that ,just because she's my girlfriend doesn't mean she gets to boss me around .
As narrated by Zaneerah :

"Hard times reveal true friends" .
The saying that has become the truth of my life .

I'm so tired of fake people in my life, I don't even feel like trusting anyone anymore because every time I do I just end up getting hurt.

My first and last guy best best friend Mohammed Saad who just pretended I was important to him but never valued my presence in his life because if he did he wouldn't have us and our friendship go that easily.

Shagufta, my second best friend who turned out to be just like the rest.. JUDGMENTAL!

Just because I got a boyfriend she instead of trying to understand me starts giving me a damn moral lecture !

Who does she think she is to judge me ? ,well if she thinks under the fear that I'm going to lose my bestfriend will I listen to her then she is ever so wrong.

I don't pick on her faults so who is she to pick on mine.

Yusra , I always supported her in her ups and downs but as soon as she found out about me and her brother dating ,I don't know what got into her !.All hell broke loose.

I somehow feel betrayed , like the people I would stand up for didn't stand up for me and support me but I guess that's the saddest part of betrayal it never comes from your enemies

Nobody understands what I'm going through everyone is just shallow people with judgmental minds.I'm sick of it and sick of everything.

If only life was fair and the people I cared about cared half as much as I did about them .

Yayy , tomorrows our one month anniversary aint that something to look forward to !

Aarghhh …