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Quote Of The Day :
The sad truth of life is that one has to realize that some people can stay in our hearts but not in our lives.

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As narrated by Yusra :

Time doesn’t wait for anyone ..these few months has changed everything in a good or a bad way I can’t exactly pinpoint.

Change is inevitable but why is it so hard to accept then.

These few months have hurt me a lot.Emotionally and mentally but I made sure it did not change me. If anything it made me more determined to not let anything or anyone influence my principles and beliefs.

Laylaa has changed for the better alhamdulilah we have grown out of our previous grudges and starting to build on our friendship again .

While Zaneerah , I shouldn’t judge but she’s changed for the worst in my opinion .
Few months ago she wasn’t like this at all.

Today is already the starting of the 3rd term and Zaneerahs one month anniversary with her “boyfriend” which I know because she was having a count down of how many hours are left for their one month anniversary .
I feel like deleting her off bbm sometimes her status and display pictures make me sick!.

I dread having to go to school and see him in class. He stopped talking to me and always makes me feel so unwanted, it hurts and the worst part is I can’t tell anyone how much its bothers me sometimes.
I try my best to show that it doesn’t though.

Shagufta is getting closer to Laylaa and I but at the same time I can see her distancing herself from Zaneerah. Which upsets me because I know how close they were.

I don’t blame her I understand why but at the same time I feel Zaneerah sorry but It’s not like she misses us anyway she got her boyfriend.

I don’t know how bad Shagufta is taking all this drama because every time I try to bring it up she ignores the matter and changes the topic.

I can’t help but try and wonder what made Zaneerah like this she’s been behaving weird since after that sleepover we had .

As narrated by Shagufta :

As I look at my reflection in the mirror i see a tired teen wanting to give up but she can’t because people around her relies on her laughter for their smiles.

It takes a really strong person to spread smiles while they breaking inside. 

Helplessness is all she feels .

Friendship has always been a bitter sweet relationship …which friends don’t fight right ?

If only I could rewind time and go back and try harder to sort out things with Zaneerah but I’m tired of trying now. Just tired in every sense.

I feel like I have failed as a bestfriend.

I tried everything in my control to stop her but she wouldn’t hear a word I said and it would always end up in a argument.

Does she not realize how this will affect Yusra ?

Slowly ,slowly we distanced ourselves from being best friends to almost strangers .

First she stopped sitting with us break times to sit with her boyfriend and she started spending every free minute she gets with her boyfriend, Leaving no time for her friends.

I wish, I had someone to confide in ,I wish I had someone who would make me laugh .
Why is it that I make people laugh but no one makes the same effort for me. There’s no one out there who makes the effort to see through my smile to mend the broken heart beneath.

I got ready for school with a perfect smile plastered on my face likes nothings wrong as usual. 
Authors note :

Slmz .
I hope all of my readers ramadhaan is going awesome n is changing you all for the better .

I apologize for the short post and hoped youl enjoyed it. Post 22 part 2 will be out on eid day inshallah .

Remember me my family and friends in all your precious duas.

Don’t be afraid to comment on who you think is Zaneerahs boyfriend ?

Positive and negative feedback is appreciated.

With love and duas :
Ayesha ♥