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Quote of the day :

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings..”

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[Quick recap : Maleeha was Mohammed Saads past ,the girl he saw at Zaneerahs nanis janazah.]

As narrated by Maleeha :

Why ?,why does life always do this to me !

I tried and I’m still trying my best to avoid him. I can’t look at him in the eye anymore ,those eyes that I was once soo deeply in love with . I’m afraid if we make eye contact he will see all those feelings I try soo hard to hide.

Our chemistry was such ,often people thought we would end up getting married , without ever touching me he touched my heart a true gentlemen ,he won my heart the minute I saw him.

But lies and deception was all fate had in store for me as usual..
No doubt I had loved before and had been hurt in love but this was different.

That day thanks to Ismael I saw his true colors ,he disgusts me , I never thought my Mohammed Saad would ever let alone touch but would even look at another girl.

He broke me ,my trust and everything yet I still loved him with my shattered little pieces.

Its hard to forget the one who gave you so much to remember.

The unfortunate truth of that night though has become part of my life i can’t and will never forget that night …

As narrated by Mohammed Saad :

Life came to a standstil since the day I saw her at Zaneerahs nanis janazah …

She just had to make her presence felt in my life again .

After a rough week of school and all our moments flashing through my head I had decided to go to the mall just to pass some time and to get myself distracted.

Lost in my own strange world of thoughts, I didn’t realize where I was walking and bumped into someone.

I helped that women pick up her shopping bags and continued walking ,she thanked me and as I turned around to say no problem .

I noticed Maleeha.

She was sitting at Mc’Donalds having what I assume a Orea Mc flurry ,it was always her favourite…

I don’t know what got into to me at that moment and I just found myself walking towards her ,her gaze met mine and she left her mc flurry and walked away .

I deserved that .
but wasn’t going to let her go ,
I walked slightly fast to catch up behind her and pulled her by her wrist to stop her from going.

She went hysterical !

“Leave me !”
“How dare you ,get away from me.” she spat out with rage .

“I need to talk to you ” I said with a pleading look in my eyes .

Maleeha was always so practical and after calming down said :”okay, we will talk in the car not here, I don’t like creating scenes .”

(In the car)

“What is it ! .What do u want, I thought I made myself clear when I said I don’t want to see your disgusting face anymore !” Maleeha said.

“Maleeha whatever happened was a misunderstanding and you know that and ”

“haha ,you hilarious you know that,I was there I saw everything please ,Mohammed Saad stop it now !”

“Will you just listen and let me finish my sentences !”

“Please enough ,I don’t want to hear your false explanations, I can’t take any more of your lies leave me the F** alone okay ! , you were the biggest mistake of my life and sorry but I dont repeat mistakes .”

“Fine go ! ,I was just trying to clarify things one more time ,who wants to get back with a stubborn girl like you anyway ”

With that she slammed the car door and left .Her every word stung me in the deepest parts of my heart.

I drove without any destination in mind to get rid of my anger and pain building up as I remember that night ,the biggest mistake of my life…

It all began 3 months ago, when my soccer buddy Ismael got in some shit in a club .
He didn’t trust anyone else so he phoned me.

I hated the club and the sight of it made me sick but he needed me so I went. I reach there and turns out he lied to me ,I was soo naar and irritated ,yet I forgave him .

He told me he needs a lift back home and is going to fetch his stuff when he ordered for me coke I would have never drank it but he brought a sealed can and he opened it for me and I had a few sips just to make him happy as he was insisting .

The next thing ,I remember is Maleeha standing infront of me crying and I had a killer headache ..
I took a look at my surroundings and realized that some girl is sleeping next to me .

I didn’t realize what’s going on all ,I was confused as hell .

The next day she broke up with me

I didn’t understand what was going on ,when one of my other friends informed me that Ismael loved Maleeha since forever and he asked Maleeha out many a times but she declined and he couldn’t see you with her .

It finally made sense ,Ismael set me up ! .

I tried to tell Maleeha but she just wouldn’t listen ! ,stubborn ..

I tried and tried as I couldn’t let go of what we had ,untill one day she created a scene at school and I slapped her out of my anger as she accused me of disgusting things infront of everyone.Things I would never dream of doing .

A week after that her bestfriend came to me and she told me I broke Maleeha to such an extent that she tried to kill her self in my own anger, I said “I don’t care she can do what the flip she wants !! ”

Her bestfriends words still ring in mind “You broke her ..”

Somethings are just meant to end and I guess so was our relationship….
Authors note :
Hope youl enjoyed this surprise post from your awesome author who just loves her readers too much ,n no exams are not over still many papers to go .Please remember me an my friends in your duas

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Lots of love :
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