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Quote of the day :

“Love can sometimes be magic but sometimes magic is just an illusion.”

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As narrated by Yusra :

“Today will be awesome !!”
“You will live through it ”

“Yeah,right ! ”

I mean after an awesome fun filled weekend with my cousins ,I don’t see myself or any sane person for that matter looking forward to school.

I really don’t get it, we spend hours in school learning things we won’t ever use!.

One day when I’m married, its not like I’ll tell my husband “you know that angle is equal to sin 45 is equal to opposite over hypotenuse and that angle times 50 is 3 quarter of how much I love you !”

I would love to procrastinate at this moment but if I start there’s no ending…
And then in the process I’ll be late .

Yusra Ally might I add is always punctual .

Hahaha okay ,I lie .

I’m either on time or late never earlier well its not my fault my brother looks in the mirror more then I do !.

(In school )
Could this monday draGgg any more ?

Like seriously though one minute feels like 10 !

The only thing I look forward to is break ,where its just me ,fresh air and my crazy friends .

What more could a student want ?

I try controlling how much I speak to Riyaad nowadays .

Its quite difficult because his like always there anywhere and everywhere ! .

I wonder ..If he has a girlfriend or if he likes someone.

Okay ,who am I kidding here.
Riyaad and girls dont go he wouldn’t his too much on the shy side .

Just my type though…

I mentally scolded myself to stop thinking about him if only it was that easy ..

I can’t wait for our big debate tomorrow !.

As narrated by Zaneerah :

I tried my best to concentrate in school but it just felt like a blue Monday .

After that talk with Shagufta I do feel a little bit better but I don’t know why I still feel soo empty .

Our teacher was absent and we didn’t have a relief period so we went to the playground .
I sat alone with my thoughts on the edge of a very small hill.

About 10 minutes later, someone tapped my shoulder .
At first I thought it was Laylaa bt then I realised ,it can’t be her since she was absent .

Who could it be ?

I was about to get up and see when Yaasir came by and sat next to me .

Awkward !,was not even the word to describe the situation .

“Urr slmz Yaasir ,Do you need something ? Coz ‘ urr what are u doing here, Aren’t you suppose to be playing soccer or something ?.”

“Heyy I mean wslmz , well yeah but I mean how could I play soccer while you sitting here alone?”

“Urr, sure u can! ” (I said rather too quickly)

“Well ,my manners would not allow me to besides you seem upset.”

“Upset ?, Who me ? ,haha no (fake smile )I’m good as good could ever be .”

“Pssht try that on someone else I can clearly see that’s a fake smile .”

That was the breaking point for me ,Mohammed Saad would always say:
“Don’t give me that fake smile ,give it to someone who can’t see right through it. ”

“Zaneerah (he said while waving his hand infront of my face as I was day dreaming again) , is it a boy problem ?”

“Well yes and no ,its more a bestfriend boy problem .”

“I see you mean Mohammed Saeed ?”

“Saad lol ,but ya how do you know ?”

“Zaneerah ,I don’t think that was rocket science hey , he was practically the only guy you would speak to .We may have not known eachother then but I did know who you are like everyone knows you ,you the “Brainiac” of the entire grade.Youl liked each other didn’t u?.”

“How do you know? Well ,I LIKED him I’m not sure about if he liked me though,”

“Zaneerah, I think everyone could see.”

“Oh ,(slight smile )well I don’t like him anymore he means nothing to me !.”

“Urr okays ,let’s not talk about it rather .Soo how about we roll down this hill like 5year olds ?.”

“Huh ,what? no ways!.”

“Oh ,come on !”

And with that we rolled down the hill and I laughed and meant it.

I thanked Yaasir for cheering me up but I still felt slightly weird .
It was a weird feeling, I can’t believe I opened up to him .
I really should stay away from him ,I don’t want another Mohammed Saad in my life.
I think I have learnt my lesson ,as they say “Once bitten twice shy” .


As narrated by Yaasir :

I had no control whatsoever when I was speaking to her.

I did not need to think about what I should say it just came out.

I’m soo clueless and confused !.

I mean rolling down the hill like 5year olds ? What was I thinking!. Who does that ?

This does not suite Yaasir Allys reputation.

But atleast she spoke to me freely,one step closer !

And Soon enough will Zaneerah be mine.
I’ll prove to my friends, What I want that’s what flippen happens .

Oh ,yeah!.


With love and duas :
Ayesha ❤