As narrated by Zaneerah :

After school ,Shagufta came by my house and we sat outside, under the big pomegranate tree.

And so began the confrontation that I feared most…

Shagufta :
“Zaneerah ,are you okay? ,actually, no, I know you’re not okay ,so don’t even try to lie .”

Zaneerah :
“It’s just something silly,don’t worry about it, I’ll be fine just abit tired that’s all.”

Shagufta :
“How can I not worry about it? Zaneerah,I can see something is killing you and believe it or not you’re going to have to get it out of your system or it will just keep on bothering you!
And please don’t even try using that “I’m just tired ” line on me !”

Zaneerah :

Shagufta :
Look Zaneerah I just want to remind you that I’m not one of those friends that are only there to share your laughter and not your tears. If you still don’t trust me then Its your choice …

Zaneerah :
“Ofcourse I trust you ,Do you remember Mohammed Sa’ad ?”

Shagufta :
“Yip ofcource ,i do who could forget that crazy guy.”

Zaneerah :
“Well, I’m sure you also remember how close we were as friends ,then he left and went to Cape Town and well, when I went Cape Town we uhm met and ,and …”

At that moment I don’t know why but I just couldn’t hold back my tears and I burst out crying.

Just thinking about him hurt ….

Shagufta let me cry for a while then gave me a hug and told me to continue.

I told Shagufta everything about how he took me paraglyding,how he didn’t say anything to me after that and how he left me in the darkness when I needed him the most.


As narrated by Shagufta :

I couldn’t bear seeing Zaneerah so upset .

Like ,Oh my damn parathas! I just couldn’t believe my ears ,I mean Mohammed Sa’ad can’t, I mean,he couldn’t have.

Mohammed Sa’ad was never like that when he was here but then again I needed to be Zaneerah’s pillar of support. Here I am trying to understand his action’s but what I needed to do was remember that I’m Zaneerah’s bestfriend and not his.

I told her that it is best she forgets him ,he has hurt her way too much.

“Boys come and go ,he was there in your life for a brief moment and he might come back in your life but you need to let go of that hatred you have towards him at this moment because if you don’t you won’t be able to live peacefully.”

“I might not be the best person to advise you ,since I have never been in love but all I can say is that you expected him to be same person you knew back then.”

“With time everything changes and so did he and sadly, there’s nothing you can do but move on. It may sound hard and sad but one way or the other you need to move on I don’t know how but you need to!”

“You couldn’t have been in love with him, you were just in love with the idea of being with him OR maybe you were in in love with the idea that somebody out there is made for you ,somebody out there thinks you are something to them
but not now not at this moment.”

“I’m not saying you will not get your happily ever after ,you certanly will, but not now Zaneerah.”

“Love is just very deceiving. Don’t get fooled by the actions and things he did for you I mean don’t forget about how after he left he completely forgot about you because of Maleeha.”

(Oh my damn burned parathas !,Shagufta What the flip is wrong with you? )

How could I have brought that up …

Arrgh, I’m such a rotten bitter ladoo!
As narrated by Zaneerah :


How could I have forgotten her ?

When Mohammed Sa’ad left, he promised to keep in contact and he indirectly promised me that he will never forget me.

Lies, lies and more damn lies…

Just a few months or so after he left on his instagram account were pictures filled with him and a extremely pretty girl ..

I found out later that her name was Maleeha and I made Shagufta follow her so I could see her pictures on her account since it was private

Her instagram account was filled with pictures of them going everywhere together they seemed soo in love. Soo perfect …

But was he so in love that he didn’t even remember his bestfriend?

It hurts because it was only when he left that I realised he meant slightly more to me than just a friend and he just forgot about me.

Maleeha was soo beautiful that I just couldn’t help but feel jealous, I felt like trash infront of her.

In December,last year she deleted all their pictures together on her account and Mohammed Sa’ad stopped using his instagram.

Slowly I forgot about them but fate had to bring us face to face in Cape Town!

My mind was full of questions for Mohammed Sa’ad but my heart wouldn’t let me ask them or maybe they just afraid of the answers they might get …

Why did he create all those memories when in the end he just left to become a stranger ?

WHY is life soo complicated?

With slmz and duas :