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Quote of the day :
” If life can remove someone you never dreamed of losing , it can replace it with someone you never dreamt of having. ”

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As narrated by Yusra :

I saw Laylaa sitting on a mat with her Real Madrid soccer uniform which was quite short nothing new #sigh and her red All star heels which in my opinion look ridiculous.
There was someone sitting next to her who I couldn’t really quite make out.

As I observed closer my face sank ,the Armani t-shirt the Guess jeans and Carvela shoes were all to familliar to me to make a mistake ,it was Yaasir.

I honestly didn’t know how to feel ,I felt as if all my emotions were contradicting ,conflicting and complicating one another.

Firstly I was upset that Laylaa is back with him because honestly Yaasir is not right for Laylaa.
I thought I was slowly but finally getting Laylaa back to being a better person.
I just give up ! I should have never tried .

Secondly I was upset that Yaasir was coming to this party and I wasn’t even informed !.

What will he think about me and Riyaad coming to this party together ?

I wonder how he will react because sometime last year, this white guy named Ron asked for my Life science notes so I told him they in the locker .
We walked to the locker together and before I could give him the notes..
Yaasir just comes up out of no where and punches him one way until a teacher comes there to stop him and he was suspended for a week but that was in school ,here there’s no teachers or adults to stop them Oh lord ! X_x

“Yusra !!!”, yelled Shagufta enthusiastically and just on cue Yaasir turns around ,gets up and walks towards where me and Riyaad were standing .
Oh lord what’s he planning to do #Can’twatch

Yaasir went straight to Riyaad and gave him a side boy hug thingy and very calmly and cooly said :
” hey bro Wats up?, Haven’t seen you around lately. ”

Okay maybe just maybe I was over thinking this whole situation .
Well for once I’m happy my assumption was proven wrong.

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As narrated by Zaneerah :

I reached home exhausted and just before I could lay down on my comfyy bed to have a quick nap, ummi yells that Shaguftas brother is waiting for me .

Confused and irritated at the same time I ran down the steps and I couldn’t help but laugh at how this child dresses .

Seriously though give it a thought ,guess jeans with a black top with Yellow socks and champels ?!!?

He handed me a little note and left .
Strange little person he is, at first I found it strange and thought I would open it later .
The curiosity got the better of me and I eventually opened it and found a cute message that said :

” Dear Bae /Zaneerah :
Missing you loads and no excuses see you at the park ASAP ,dress however you want and don’t forgot your magical key accessory… !
Which is your smile 🙂 which reaches your cute dimples but pierces through everyone’s hearts ❤

Love from :
Your bae Shagufta 😉 😀 ”

I definitely wasn’t in the mood to dress up so I just stayed in the abaya I was wearing and changed my scarf because It was not staying on my head properly .

Besides its just Shagufta she has seen me in my worst of states.

I informed my ummi and left for the park but unfortunately was a bit disappointed …

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As narrated by Shagufta :

After greeting Yusra and Riyaad I told them to sit on the mat.

I expressed my utter disappointment to Laylaa and Yusra that they brought along a guy when they clearly knew this was a welcome party was for Zaneerah ,but there’s no use crying over burned parathas .

I had a plan in mind … 😀

Since I can’t ask the guys to leave that would be too rude ,I’ll just have to punish them in Shagufta style way #evilsmirk.

I’ll put my plan in action as soon as Zaneerah arrives ,can’t wait! ….

Zaneerah arrived exactly 5 minutes afterwards and I can’t even express how happy ,excited and emotional I felt at that moment .

I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug which was then intruded by Yusra who jumped and joined our hug but I didn’t quite mind .

We all gathered around and well since I was the host I better start doing some hosting:D

So hi peoplezz..

Since the theme is sports and having fun while we young..
I have a few activities actually exciting activities planned out which I hope you all enjoy.
One will be a sweet little welcome for the boys ,Yusra and Laylaa soo what we waiting for let’s begin !!!

The activity is as follows :
The two girls will apply make up for the guys blindfolded from behind.
You will have to take a selfie in it and put it on instagram for a day after that you can delete it if you wish .
The boys do not have permission to speak until the girls are done .

Yusra was doing make up for Riyaad and Laylaa was doing make up for Yaasir ,while Zaneerah and I were sitting and watching the whole scene trying our best to control our laughter.

I apologized to her for the guys being there but Zaneerah being as kind hearted and forgiving ,forgave me before I could even finished my sentence properly.

Yusra applied lipstick on Riyaads chin ,blush on Riyaads eyes and eye shadow on his nose.
Laylaa being no less applied lipstick on Yaasirs nose ,kajal smuged a lot under his eyes with lipgloss on his cheeks making him look scary and funny at the same time.
Needless to say they looked hilarious 🙂 😀 !!!

After the selfie in which Zaneerah tried to avoid but we got half her face in #woohooo #happysuccessfuldance.

After controlling our laughter , We munched on some jelly beans ,astros and smarties Weird combo but extremely strangely lekker.

I kept on observing Zaneerah through out the party .
She seemed abit sad to me because she would laugh then realize she’s laughing and would stop as if she doesn’t deserve to laugh .
Well maybe the next activity will cheer her up.

Time for our next activity!!!
I screamed out more loudly then I intended to .

“Baloon Back !”

This is how the game goes :

Everyones name have been put in this hat and 3 people will come forward and pick out a paper . The person whose name is on that piece of paper will be your partner for this activity 😀
Then you and your partner will have to try and burst a baloon between the two of youls backs.

Zaneerah , Yaasir and Riyaad came forward to pick the piece of paper which holds their partners names

↠ Zaneerahs partner was Yusra
↠ Yaasirs partner was Shagufta
↠ Riyaads partner was Laylaa

We started much exthusiasticly but it was much more difficult then we imagined.
In my opinion I had loads of fun I hope they did too.

Any guesses on who won ?


The one and only ….

Shagufta and thee sidekick Yaasir

My stomach was rumbling after that activity so I phoned my tellytubby of a brother to come give us the parathas.
He arrived with the parathas but oh my damn parathas !What was he wearing ?

So they all sat down and enjoyed my parathas though Laylaa and Yaasir didn’t eat much maybe they ate a heavy breakfast that’s why hmm…..

After I was stuffed ,I announced the last and final activity which is personally my favorite….

“Truth and dare 😀 ”

So we all sat in a circle and we used an empty 2 litre coke bottle to spin .

First up was Riyaad and Laylaa .

Riyaad :
Truth or dare ?

Laylaa :
Truth .

Riyaad :
Have you ever done something you regret? if you did briefy explain that moment ..

Laylaa :
Yes ,I think everyone has done something or the other that they have regret .
Well mines is losing my best friend due to my own mistakes and we all know who she is ..that’s my biggest regret and I just want to say I’m sorry and I just hope we can be friends again like old times :'(.

After Laylaa finished ,Yusra got up to give her a hug .
She whispered in her ear if I’m not wrong “We might not be as close friends like old times but we will always be friends 🙂 ”

Next up was my turn with Zaneerah

Shagufta :
Truth or dare ?

Zaneerah :

Shagufta :
I dare you to  propose to Yaasir and pretend its your 1 year anniversary and that you madly in love with him ..

#evil #evil #cutesmile

Zaneerah :
No ,noways na uh …

Yaasir :
Oh come on Zaneerah ,be a sport its just a game afterall 🙂 .

Zaneerah :
K ,fine lemme think.

Yaasir :
Okays we shall wait after all this is your party your wish is our command ;).

Zaneerah :

I’m soo glad to have you in my life sweetheart .
This past year has been fantastic and I don’t need to hope or pray that we will be together for many more years to come because I know ..
I know our love has power to keep us together for infinities and beyond.
I thank you for all the memories ,love and moments we have shared and spent together.
Today without fear I can say Yaasir Ally is mine and I am his .
Love you my sweetheart. And after saying so I presented to him a half eaten Aero chocolate 

Yaasir :
Woah , nice

Shagufta :
Wow zaneerah that was something I’d never expect from you :0 .

Zaneerah :
Well they always say expect the unexpected 😀 and besides its just a game no offence Yaasir I didn’t mean what I said there.

Yaasir :
None taken .

It was getting quite late so we rounded up there with loads of hugs and salams .
All in all it was an eventful day that won’t be forgotten ..

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Authors note :
I hope this long post covered up for my infrequent posting even though its holidays x_x
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Ayesha ❤
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