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Quote of the day :
“Don’t wait for the perfect moment ,take the moment and make it perfect. ”

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Zaneerahs flight was due at 8 in the morning and Shagufta had everything planned or so she thought .

Shagufta forgot to mention when she told Yusra and Laylaa that they should bring someone along ,that its an only girls party because she thought it was common sense since this party was for Zaneerah.

She had no confirmation done to check who they were bringing along.

That one mistake that changed all their futures for the better or maybe the worst ,this could be the start to a new beginning or a whole lot of happily never afters…..

As narrated by Yusra :

Shagufta being Shagufta found a unusual yet descriptive way to send us the venue of the small welcome back party .

The message was as follows :

“Where the sun shines the brightest for the most innocent of hearts,the ones with small eyes that hold their tiny world with the most curious of questions , developing, growing and playing they run to their swings and slides and enjoy carelessly and recklessly come join them in their fun !
Forget your age and Be a sport and dress like one too at 9:30 sharp. ”

The clue was simple even though it wasn’t funny but it somehow brought a smile 🙂 to my face .

I thought about all those hours Yaasir and I spent in the park when we were younger,
I miss those days I really do.
Everyone would say we were thee “inseparable duo” -the kind of sister brother twin bond that is rare and unique.

Unfortunately that’s all in the past nowadays if I see him once in a day I’d be lucky 😦 .

His changed a lot and as his sister I hate seeing him carry on the way he does because I know that’s not him…

That’s just a mask he wears and hopefully one day he will find someone , someone who will remove that mask for good and bring out the real him.

I phoned Riyaad and informed him about the venue ,time and theme and so he told me he would come fetch me @9:30 and we would arrive together …

He confuses me a lot lately ,especially his mind games.

At one moment he acts like I’m the best thing that ever happened to him and the next like if he ever saw me in public he would pretend he doesn’t know me.

I’m no less though I don’t give him that satisfaction of playing with my mind.
No ways, I play along and at times pretend like it doesn’t bother me.

To be honest though it really does ,a lot any small minute detail of his affects me.

Why did he just have to be so different , kind, sweet ,friendly and humble ?
Why couldn’t he just be the typical egoistic boys you get nowadays.
If he was I probably would not have fallen for him ,well I just hope I’m not in love with him.

We just classmates that’s all ,that’s all ….

Lost in my thoughts I realize its already 9 .

I quickly had a shower and changed in a
Black skinny jeans with a black top with a red print Adidas on the top and my key accessory my red all stars then I tied my hair in a high pony I looked decent and matched the theme I was ready to go.

Luckily his quite the gentleman and he rocked up at my house at exactly 9:30 with his messy hair ,baggy sports jacket and sweat pants that just made him look recklessly cute .

We arrived to the park and began our hunt to search for Shagufta in that huge park. Finally after twenty minutes we found her …

Wait what are they doing here !!


As narrated by Riyaad :


I got up with a shock and quickly put my alarm off before anyone else wakes up .

Oh grand its already 9 ,I need to get ready A.S.A.P can’t be late.

What to wear !, what to wear ?

I decided to leave my debate of what to wear for later and went to go have a quick shower .

When I came out of the shower ,it was as if Ummi just knows how to read my mind .

I didn’t tell ummi exactly where I was going ,she just knows its some friend get together and the theme is sports and to say my ummi is amazing would be an understatement <3.
She picked just the perfect outfit that looks good and is comfortable .

After a scrumptious breakfast I was ready to go pick up Yusra.

I hope Zaneerah doesn’t get the wrong idea when she sees me and Yusra together.
We just friends besides she’s like a sister to me in a way .

We walked to the park together maintaining that silence with here and there comments and weird statements until we reached the park.

Then began our hunt.

Thee find Shagufta hunt ,after a while we finally found her but with Laylaa and Yaasir…

When I turned to see Yusra face I saw it slightly angry and scared to be honest though actually I couldn’t understand and read her expression .
I wonder what’s going on in her mind ….


Authors note :
A special thanks to silent living and Tassy ally for liking every single one of my posts highly appreciated 🙂 😉 .

With loads of love and duas :
Ayesha ❤