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QuOte oF thE daY 🙂
“Respect everyone, trust only a few ”
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As narrated by Laylaa :

Life during suspension was hell !
I can’t tolerate living like that.
I have this bad habit where I can’t block people out ,their yelling , arguing and the sounds of tears and broken bones .

What did I ever do to deserve this ?.

I can’t stand living with my father he is a heartless man who doesn’t deserve to be respected and even called a dad.
I’m stuck here in this pathetic family and the sad part is I can’t even run away even if I wanted to 😥 …

In school ,life abit more okay .
I tried to keep a low profile ,so as to hide my embarrassment of being suspended .

I tried ignoring Yaasir because I recently discovered and realized what an A*** he is .

The part that hurt the most is not that his a A*** but the fact that he didn’t seem affected even by abit that I was ignoring him .

He seemed to be having a blast with some new transfer student it broke me bit by bit watching her throw herself at him and him enjoying it.

Did he forgot about me and all those times, moments and memories we shared and spent together ?.

Those kisses where it felt like all my problems were melting away into his lips.
Those tight hugs where all the broken pieces of my heart were being joined back together .
Those winks were my cheeks would turn that shy plum pink .

Its just seems too painful to even look back and remember what we had …
I realized that my cheeks were wet and a few tears were escaping my eyes .

I quickly rushed to the bathroom and tried to wash my face before anyone sees me in that teary state .
When I saw Yusra in the bathroom aswell, oh no ! .

Yusra is that one person that I can’t lie to .

She pulled my arm and gently pushed me out of the bathroom with that rage and genuine concern in her eyes.
She took me to an empty bench on the corner end of the playground and told me to sit and gave me thee “yusra look ”

The Yusra look is soo scary ,I wouldn’t even dare lie to her actually nobody would.

I told her everything from my depressing family problems to my idiotic boy problems. She listened patiently and at times her scary look would disappear to a genuine concern .
She gave me a huge hug and I really appreciated that hug because from what I knew about Yusra is that she isn’t that much of a hugger only sometimes on special occasions.

It felt good to have my friend back though the question is will she forgive my mistakes of using her in the past?

Will she be my bestii again?

Will she trust me again ?

I miss her but I don’t know why I just can’t bring it to myself to apologize to her .

Yusra snapped me out of my thoughts and asked if I’m coming to Zaneerahs welcome back party ?

I almost forgot about that party x_x.
I told Yusra that I don’t even know Zaneerah properly and it would be awkward if I just pitch at her welcome party .

After a while ,Yusra had me convinced and so I guess I better get ready for thee party tomorrow.
As narrated by Riyaad :

In Life Science class I sit behind Yusra and Shagufta sits next to her.
I heard Shagufta informing Yusra that Zaneeras Nani had Passed on and also something about Zaneerah coming back and Shaguftas planning a welcome back party for her .

Hmm I needed to get to that party enough of this one sided love now I can’t take it anymore.

So after Life science class we were heading for Afrikaans class so I deliberately walked next to Yusra and our Conversation went as follows

Riyaad :
Soo Yusraa I got something to confess .

Yusraa :
Aha ,speak up what do u wish to confess Mr Riyaad kotwal?

Riyaad :
(Slight giggle ) Yes Yusraa Ally, urr I wanted to say sorry because I urr I overheard yours and Shaguftas conversation .

Yusraa :
Oh its cool I don’t blame you Shagufta is quite loud lol and besides she was just talking about Zaneerah her bestfriend you probably don’t know her .

Riyaad :
As a matter of fact I do Yusraa Ally, who doesn’t know Zaneerah

Yusraa :
Urr okay anyways I’m not planning to go to her welcome back party

Riyaad :
Huh why ?

Yusra :
Coz you apparently have to bring a friend along x_x

Riyaad :
Ouch Yusra now I see what you feel about me .

Yusra :
You do.. ?

Riyaad :
I do ,you don’t think I’m deserving enough to go to this party isn’t

Yusra :
No its not that’s its just I didn’t think you’d want to come

Riyaad :
Ofcourse I want to come

Riyaad :
I mean ofcourse I want to come with you so you don’t miss out on thee party …

Soo we shall meet tomorrow finally Zaneerah finally ….
As narrated by Yaasir :

What Yaasir Ally wants ,Yaasir Ally gets.

After school I saw Laylaa by her locker and so I grabbed my chance of getting to that dumb party.

I walked behind her silently and grabbed her waist and gave her a hug from behind and she just pushed me away

What the flippen hell just happened ?

I wanted to tell her off like who the hell does that to me?, who the flippen hell !.

I controlled my anger I’ll get her another time she will pay ..

A tear escaped her eye and so that meant emotional bussiness ,crap these girls also always soo sensitive and shit.

Yaasir :
Laylz babe ,talk to me what’s wrong ?

(I stepped towards her cornering her against the lockers so she doesn’t try and walk away )

Laylaa :
Yaasir just leave ! Before I say something I regret .

Yaasir :
Babes noo chillax everything will be okay

(I saw my chance and kissed her on her cheek)

Laylaa :
Yaasir …

Laylaa :
Its just I thought you replaced me and forgot about me

Yaasir :
Forget you ? Oh I could never .
(grabbing her into a hug )

I walked her out of the schools gate thinking just about how gullible girls are .
In conversation with her , I managed to make her ask me to come to the party with her and so I agreed to go.

Eagerly awaiting tomorrows party ,welcome back Zaneerah welcome back …
With love and duas :
Ayesha ❤