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QuOte oF thE daY :
“Strength shows not only in the ability to persist but the ability to start over.”
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As narrated by Mohammed Saad:

Zaneerah and her family left the next week..

I didn’t speak to her after the funeral not because I didn’t get a chance to but because I couldn’t say goodbye .

Icouldn’t make more memories that would take a lifetime and a half to forget .

I don’t deserve to speak to her, I’m a horrible piece of shit and she’s, she’s just so innocent.

I don’t want her to get caught up with me and get into unnecessary trouble .
So I guess its best to just let her go …

As narrated by Zaneerah :

Staring out of the planes window as the wings cut through the dreamy white clouds ever so swiftly.

The plane was quite empty so I had no one sitting next to me I was free to cry but I just sat there emotionless .

I didn’t know how to feel anymore .
Nani is gone and I am sad even though she wasn’t that close to me and Mohammed Saad how dare he !

How dare he make memories with me and then just let me go without even a goodbye ?

They say the unsaid words hurt the most and in my case its true .
I thought he was my bestfriend but which bestfriend just leaves you in darkness when you need the light the most?.

It seems so silly to be sad about something so inferior .

Why did my silly little heart weave dreams of glass that we all knew were going to be shattered at one stage or another the sooner the better I guess….

The heart is unfortunately very fertile soil and whatever you plant in it ,good or bad will grow .

I guess he was the bad, I was lead astray by own nafs BUT I won’t give him that control in my life I will not catch myself feeling sad over a guy ! .

He WAS my bestfriend and from now onwards, I think its best if I just close Mohammed Saads chapter in my life and open up a new chapter.

A chapter that has no boy in it just me and my ALLAH this new chapter will be a much better and hopeful one hopefully .
As narrated by Shagufta :

Life has been quite belittling in the past few days since Zaneerah my motivation to smile or rather fake a smile is gone :'(.

I need my neighbour besttii, she always knows how to cheer me up when ummi jaan critisizes me and my damn tellutubby of a brother irritates and embarases the hell outa me like, What is he even ?!?

Well he certainly does resembles a totally non-cute ladoo of a tellytubby !

My life was like a paratha with no aloo and ghee, I missed my Zaneerah she is the aloo to my paratha :P.

Ever missed your bestfriend so much that you don’t even feel like getting up until she’s back like sleeping in your cozy bed and not wanted to go to school or anywhere until she comes ?
Well I have ,schools just not the same anymore .

I remember this one incident during P.E (physical education )where Madam Devon just told us to go try and make up our own yoga style .

So Zaneerah and I sat down with our legs folded in yoga posture and Zaneerah said she got this under control , she told me to close my eyes and told me to repeat after her.

“ommm nom nommm ” and I followed her and repeated it untill I realised what I just said and we both just burst out laughing and rolling on the floor like idiots.

The next day I thought she was absent and that was highly unlikely of her ,when she rocks up to school in a black skirt and pink top with a long sleeve short jacket the best part is it was upside down .
When I saw her I asked her if she looked in the mirror before coming to school ?
she said ofcourse
” I have to look in the mirror before my bae dumps me ”

Whose your bae ? ,I asked rather confused.

She gave me her dramatic shocked face and jumped and gave me a hug and said “you ofcourse” .

I eventually told her that her jacket was upside down and ya they are soo many incidents that if I have to end up narrating it would take the entire day .

Oh my Damn parathas ! ,she’s coming soon .I’m soo excited I can’t wait :D.

Though I really hope Zaneera is okay because she sent me a message saying that she misses my hugs…
She only says that when she’s extreamly sad. Maybe its because her nani has passed away

“But never fear while shagufta is near!”
I will make her smile in no time , she needs me and I’m sure her problems are way bigger then mine .

She is my bestfriend and if anything is going on in her life I’ll be there to fix it any time and all the time .

I got an idea ,why don’t I host a little get together for her sorta like a party to cheer her up ?

Hmm I’ll invite Yusra and Laylaa and they free to invite whoever they want to .
As narrated by Yaasir :

Damn that chic what’s wrong with her ,she just ruined my valentine day plan urgh anyways .

Maybe this wasn’t a good idea but I’m not going to admit it to my friends.
I’ve already told them about the Zaneerah plan so it has to get done by hook or by crook.
(Inserts evil smirks everywhere )

I heard from Laylaa that thee lame-o shagufta has planned some welcome party for her.

I’m sure I can find my way in that party somehow I mean nobody can say no to me. Besides by going there I’m doing them a favor because that party sounds way to lame and below my standards.

And I mean is there even a party without me?! 
As narrated by Yusraa:

Lifes a cool breeze , just taking a chil pill.

Besides all those assignments ,Damn the amount of homework they give us is ridiculous.

Soccer season has been extremely good for me its like this month has been sort of lucky for me or maybe its just someones affect on me …

Its so weird and hard to act normal around him and its extremely difficult to not blush.
Whether he speaks to me or not, I keep on finding the stupidest of excuses to talk to the guy .

His sweet ,respectful, kind not arrogant and proud everything a girl could want but sighhhhhh I can’t have him.

I am Yusra Ally and I do not date !!! .
**i said while mentally scolding myself**

I will not date but I can’t help myself from smiling ear to ear when thinking about him its hard to not want him to talk to you 24 /7 .

I just can’t control this feeling ,but no matter what comes by I will not let anyone ,especially Riyaad learn about my newly found feelings for him.

I want us to be just like how we are friends ,classmates and to stay this way and maybe when we older who knows if we right for eachother we might just end up getting married and live our happily ever afters together ,forever…

Authors note :

Hope you all enjoyed the post ,don’t be afraid to comment .
Exams are over YippEee !!!!! ,so Inshallah if I can I’ll try and post as much as I can .

With loads of love and duas :

Ayesha ❤