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Quote Of The Day :

“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up ”

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As narrated by Zaneerah :

I can’t believe Mohammed Saad ,he actually remembered that I loved the idea of paragliding ,and that I had always wanted to do it before I die .

We walked up to the instructor and he gave us some basic instructions and buckled me and Saaduuu since we were going in one paraglider 😉 .

I was excited no ,no I was way beyond that actually ? ! ?.

We jumped and as we flew in the air, all I wanted to do was freeze this moment.
I felt free like a bird where I was flying away from all my problems to a unknown destination of peace .

The beauty of ALLAH creation will just always be beyond my description .
I always loved nature, it just knows how to calm me in its silent ways .
I was and will be eternally grateful for this moment .
This moment that has just me and my bestii flying , exhaling the past and inhaling the future …maybe together ?

The experience was phenomenal all in all .
I felt soo many emotions all at once!.
It was beyond complicating .

As narrated by Mohammed Saad:

I don’t get her sometimes but if you think about it who or rather which guy has ever understood a girl ?.

She’s afraid of a cockroach or I should rather say any insect that can move but here she is paragliding in mid air like a maniac ! ,a cute maniac though .

I’m sorry but who likes being flown in the middle of nowhere and that too so high I mean …Urghhh don’t get me wrong its just urr you know ,heights and me don’t exactly get along at all.

Then you all must be wondering if I don’t like heights ,why did I surprise her with paragliding ?

Well.. you see she always told me about how she loved the idea of flying and in her little curious mind the closest to flying is paragliding so ya ,here I am pathetic Mohammed Saad fulfilling the wish of his one and only bestfriend .

I hope she cherishes this little memory of ours and never forgets or replaces me or our memories .

When we were on our way home her phone rang.
When she checked her phone she realized she had 20 miss calls! From her ummi.

She answered her moms call immediately and her face instantly dropped her eyes were abit teary and she mumbled a innalilaahi wa innalilayhi raajioon…her nani had passed away .

I drove abit faster not saying a word to her because I know my terrible skill at consoling girls so I thought it was safer to not say anything .

We reached the mayyit house and instantly Zaneerah ran to find her ummi while
I sat by the mens side reading tasbeeh for her nani .

It was time to take the body to the qabristaan (graveyard) for burial but when I walked out of the house a pair of eyes instantly met mine and a tear or two escaped her eye and she quickly turned around and went the opposite direction.

A stabbing pain and guilt filled my heart ,I broke her , she was shattered, I knew those eyes very well …

But what was she doing here ?!..

After the burial I went home and my heart sank .
What a day firstly the heights thing which I didn’t really mind since her smile and excitement compensated for that .

Secondly I had to see her today after all this time , Why oh why !!

Last but certainly not the least Zaneerah will be leaving soon ..Damn why do all good things always come to an end ?.
Authors note :
Slmz ..extremely extremely sorry people I have exams at the moment so that’s why I took soo long to finally post and the next post will only be written after exams hope you all understand and Goodluck to all those writing exams .

With duas and slmz :
Ayesha ❤