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QuOte oF thE daY :
“The truth is that you always know the right thing to do ,the hard part is actually doing it ”
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As narrated by Zaneerah :

Why does it always seem so hard to do the right thing…

My heart and mind were at War 😦 .
I really wanted to know what Mohammed Saad had planned for me but at the same time I also knew how wrong it was…

My mind was finally defeated by my heart and I decided to go. I sent him a misscall to let him know I was ready to leave …
As narrated by Mohammed Saad :

As soon as I received her misscall I left to fetch her. Luckily the hotel was closeby but where I was taking her was further away. I know she’ll love the surprise so its worth the long drive, hopefully.

I reached her hotel room and she looked soo urr .. shit how do I describe her ?!?
A simple, elegant Zaneerah that she always is

I blindfolded her when we got in the car and I tried to make the dumbest conversation on purpose just to irritate her lol ,she’s quite funny when she’s irritated she says the most randomest things on this planet.

Mohammed Saad :
Soo Zaneerah, it’s very lovely weather this side don’t you think oh and the scenery on this road is breathtaking 

Zaneerah :
Of course it is and I would know because I can see soo wonderfully well with a blind fold right ?! .

Mohammed Saad :
Seriously you can ? Woah, you got great eye sight (faking astonishment ) ..

Zaneerah :
No doofus face I was being sarcastic

Mohammed Saad :
“Doofus face ” really (bursts out laughing ) what are we five missie . So what do you think the surprise is going to be ?.

Zaneerah :
Something dumb like car racing or maybe shark diving which I will in no way do.

Mohammed Saad :
Oh my God you know me soo well, but sweetheart u have no choice .

Zaneerah :
I guessed right ?.

Mohammed Saad :
Yip , you know how much I love sharks 😀

Zaneerah :
Oh no noooo ways u stupid idiot ! stop your stoopid car right now I’m not going to do shark diving !

Mohammed Saad :
Chillax will you we almost there..

Zaneerah :argh monkey 
I stopped the car and took her blindfold off, her expression was priceless …

Her eyes suddenly went big and her mouth dropped open, she looked like a two year old who just saw a truckload of candy …

She ran towards me and started literally screaming “Thank you ,thank u soooo much Saaduuu!!!!”

Zaneerah :
But you said we going shark diving

Mohammed Saad :
I lied =))

Zaneerah :
Sis you man , but thanks 😉 I really appreciate this. I’ve always wanted to go paragliding 😀

Mohammed Saad :
I know ,I know aint I just that sweet =)) come on now doll let’s go do it what we standing here for ?
Authors note :
Slmz dedicated blog readers I am truly truly apologetic for my irregular posting .. 😦 so inshallah whenever I get a chance the next post will be out .

With Duas and slmz
Ayesha ♡

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