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Quote of the day :
“Distance means nothing when someone means everything ..”
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As narrated by Mohammed Saad :

Once upon a time, in a far away land there was a normal 12 year old prince whose name was “Mohammed Saad”

His life was pretty normal until the day they put him in a classroom with the most boring nerdy serious person ever in the history of nerdsvile….

Zaneerah :P, lol but as they say,
” Never judge a book by its cover ”
eventually that boring nerd turned out to be my princess.

LOL, okay who am I kidding here.

Sorry people was just having my moment there I’m no prince really x_x …

Zaneerah …
My heart skips a beat every time I hear her name she’s just so lovable in all the things she does its impossible to ever dislike her.

I’m not her lover or boyfriend I’m just simply her bestfriend .Hopefully she still considers me as hers .

One whole year we had been apart I didn’t ever contact her because I knew, life carries on.

I missed her a lot but I just distracted myself with play station or soccer those were my escapes ..
My escape from her memories and from her smile .

I won’t lie I was offered a cigarette more then once but I declined as I know very well how much she HATES smoking.

I thought I was over her and she had finally left from my heart and mind especially after the stuff that I had gone through here, but then that day when I found out she’s coming to Cape Town, I suddenly felt this bundle of excitement and joy rushing through me !?!

My besttii , my doll,my sweetheart here in CapeTown !

But my excitement didn’t last too long #shrug .
What if all the mistakes I had done here in Cape Town pushes her further away from me then she already is.

I don’t want her to see my new side, for her I’ll be the old Mohammed Saad while she is here, she deserves it .

As narrated by Zaneerah :

We landed in Cape Town early the next morning .
I was so sleepy that I didn’t even bother to see who came to receive us.

Later on I found out it was Mohammed Saads Dad.

My family was staying at a hotel since my Nanis house was already too full.

**Knock knoCk knock **

ARrR who dares disturb the princesses sleep ?! *thick pirate voice *

I got out of the comfy bed and dragged myself to the door to find Mr Saad dressed all fancy with two coffee mugs in his hands.

**Roling eyes **

**why must he always look so good**

M.Saad :
Woah ,don’t you look stunning ?

Zaneerah :
I would like to have my Coffee without a dose of your sarcasm .Okay, some people unlike you are not morning people.

M.Saad :
I can see that, I’m just kidding man. Though have your coffee and get dressed fast you look terrible :P.

I want to take you somewhere make fast!

Zaneerah :
Okay boss ! Lol where we going to mohammed saaaaduuu ?
M.Saad :
You will find out soon sweetii ,soooon ..

And with that he left ..

Leaving my stomach erupting with wild butterflies jumping to and fro. 

I can’t believe he still remembers my love for coffee .
Luckily somethings never change , but I have to ask him Why’d he just shut me out of his life after he left ? .
Now he carries on like we were never separated ?! …
Boys I tell you, are bigger drama queens then us girls !

I took a nice long relaxing shower and then wore a long grey and pink dress with a perfect floral scarf ,I looked just right hopefully ..

No, no what are you doing Zaneerah ?
You are a muslim and what will your parents say if they see you not in your hotel room but rather you gone out with Mohammed Saad somewhere?.

My deep thoughts and worries came to an end when ummi came into my room and asked me if I was ready to leave with Saad ?

Where is he taking me and he told you ?

Ummi told me that he came to ask permission in the morning and also strictly requested her not to ruin the surprise of where they going .

Hmmm I wonder where he wants to take me..
Authors note :
Extremely extremely sorry for taking sooo long to post but conditions were not in my favour especially all that loadshedding and I have also decided
That the next few posts will only be about Zaneerahs stay in Cape Town

Till the next post :
Duas and slmz
Ayesha ♡