Quote of the day :

“Be helpful , when you see a person without a smile give them yours 🙂 ”
As narrated by Riyaad :

My week so far went okay ,I shouldn’t complain but ..

I didn’t see Zaneerah the whole week since she’s gone Capetown for some family meeting, well atleast that’s what I found out .

Hopefully everything’s okay though.

I can’t wait to see her smile ,those kind eyes ,those dimples …
I know I sound like an obsessed lover but I can’t help it .

Yusra has been great company while Zaneerahs away ,she’s always soo happy and bubbly and weirdly cute.
Its wrong I know but there is something about her ,something that keeps on pulling me towards her ..
As narrated by Yaasir :

Damn !

What’s wrong with that girl she just decides to disappear of the face of the Earth 
*inserts rolling eyes *

Well honestly, I couldn’t care less where she is or how she is aslong as she’s back before valentines day .

I’m sure I can get her to date me then because who can say no to this pretty thang *wink wink *

As narrated by Shagufta :

School has been so hectic, we have soo much of work and the worst part is I don’t even understand half of it plus my besti is not even here to help me 😦

Ever since I have turned 17 my Ummi
doesn’t stop with all the marriage talk its like she’s soo eager to give me away #sadsigh
Like the other day,
I opened the fridge and ummi just started shouting at me

“You are going to get fat! No one will want to marry you and if you get any fatter people will think you pregnant ! ”
Like really ? ,which ummi says this to there beti ! Ya fine I get it you’ll didn’t want me to be born a girl but even I didn’t ask to be born !

Regardless of what ummi says I’m sure I’ll find someone who will marry me, even if my rotis look like the shape of the Asian continent! And I look rounder than a laddu.

The kinda guy who will make for me parathas when I’m upset.

His out there somewhere I know it ,my soulmate ,my future hubbyy…
As narrated by Zaneerah :

** Recap**
For all those who might have forgotten, Zaneerah had received a call in class but she told the caller to phone after 10 min , later on when she received the call she realized she knows this voice ,this voice was the voice she was dying to hear for so long ,her past …

**The phone call**

Zaneerah :

Caller :
Wslmz , Are you like not busy now ..

Zaneerah :
Ya, I’m not busy at the moment but maaf may I know whose calling ?

Caller :
You don’t recognize my voice !
Ouch I’m deeply hurt *fake tear *
Mrs Ismaaaaaaillllll !!!

Zaneerah :
No damn frikken way ! Saaaaaaduuuu !!!!
His alive, oh my lord! 

Caller :
Lol Zaneerah ….can’t wait to see you I can’t believe it !
You coming down to Cape Town finally I get to see my Zaneerah.

Zaneerah :
Don’t ever call me that again Mohammed Saad !
Its sounds weird when you call me by my name unless you were angry ,you always would either call me “doll ” ,”sweetii” OR “miss ismail ”

Zaneerah :
Wait ,what ! who said I’m coming Cape Town ?

M.Saad :
Oh shitcakes ! Didn’t your parents tell you ?

Zaneerah :
Shitcakes =)) some things never change saaaduu 😛 ..Urr no what didn’t they tell me ?

M.Saad :
Its better they tell u themselves message me on whatsapp on this number when they tell you ohkay ?

Zaneerah :
Okayy then see ya Saadu

M.Saad :
See ya bestii

With that he cut the call..

When I reached home I had this goofy smile plastered on my face if anyone had to see me now they would probably think I’m practicing for a Colgate add.

I ran to my parents room .
Ummi is there something you and abba are not telling me ?

She then informed me that my Nani (maternal grandmother ) is extremely sick and might just be on her death bed and she wishes to see all her kids and grankids ĺbefore her time comes…

So when we going Capetown ?
In 2 hours time ummi replied.
Okay ummi let me go pack my bags.

The news of my Nani being on her death bed was not soo depressing for me as it should be because I was never so close to her . I wish I was though.
I’d see her maybe once in 3 years or so as she stays in CapeTown while I’m stuck here in Johannesburg .

After two hours we were at the airport and ready to leave when I suddenly remembered I had to message Mohammed Saad ..

With loads of love and duas :
Ayesha.S ❤