Quote of the day :
” I have too many flaws to be perfect but I have to many blessings to be ungrateful ”
As narrated by Laylaa :

I sat quietly under my blanket, wiping away my tears and silencing my painful screams .

I had a perfect life, loving parents and I always got what i wanted.

When one day my perfect world came crashing down.

What happened on that day ?…

I was in grade eight at that time and I came back from school all happy and jovial just like any other normal day, Yusra and I had enjoyed ourselves in school since we had a water fight that day.

I found my khala (maternal aunt), my mamaji (maternal uncle) and my mother sitting in the lounge .
That was highly strange because my mother would usually be at work this time .
I was confused but went in the kitchen first and grabbed myself a bowl of pasta and joined them in the lounge waiting for a explanation .
When I noticed my mothers eyes were bloodshot red .

I started asking a whole lot of questions when my khala informed me that my father was caught having a affair with my mothers friend..

I dropped my pasta bowl without saying a word and locked myself in my room and cried my eyes out until I fell asleep. 

Till today nobody knows this besides Yusra.

Every day I hear my parents quarreling and arguing on the top of their lungs like everyone else is deaf in the house .
I can’t concentrate on anything I do .
My loving parents hate each other now they only together because of me. Sometimes I think it would be better if they just separated because they don’t care about me and hurt I must feel seeing my heroes my parents fight like cats and dogs.

But unlike others I didn’t resort to things like drugs and smoking to escape …I craved attention and love and I got it from guys they were my high ,my addiction, my escape .

I can’t take it anymore ,I feel so dirty and disgusted but its too late to change now !.
I have no one to change for ,no one to help me change and no one to wipe my tears .

Maybe my life will always remain “a happily never after ”
With duas and slmz :
A.S ❤