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Quote of the day:
“The sun doesn’t loose its beauty when covered by the clouds the same way a women’s beauty doesn’t fade away by wearing hijaab ”

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As narrated by Yusraa:

It hurts to see my ex-bestfriend stoop to such low levels to get love and attention.
I don’t blame her but the ways she’s adopting to get that love, affection and attention that she always craved for in her life especially in her family life is totally wrong.

“A happily ever after ,gone wrong”

The best phrase I can think of to describe Laylaa’s life, her life was filled with happiness at one stage and in just a split second everything was destroyed and her life had turned miserable in a way but that doesn’t give her any reason to act the way she does because every single person is fighting their own battle every single day, but the way we choose to fight the battle is our choice.

I cared for her ,I honestly did .
Mostly everyone in this world has ulterior motives and so did she ,the only reason why she was my friend was to get Yaasir but that’s a story for another time but for me she was always my inseparable bestie.

Once she was done using me to get closer to Yaasir ,she threw me out of her life like I meant nothing to her while she meant the world to me .

Her indecent behavior disgusts me even the non-muslims dress more decently then her and I’m not one that judges easily.

I know she wore that skimpy net dress to impress Yaasir and she surely did succeed but all the other boys in the school were also staring shamelessly at her while she paraded around the school with Yaasir they are so irrating and have no shame whatsoever .

Yaasir saw Elizabeth (a really beautiful white girl in the school whose In matric) and he walked away from Laylaa and went to talk to her ,he started flirting with her and kissed her on her cheek infront of Laylaa and what happened next none of us would have imagined!

Laylaa got up fuming and smacked Elizabeth across her face and starting calling her a whole list of dirty names while Elizabeth spat back another whole list of dirty words …

Let’s just say things got ugly and Laylaa’s parents were called to school. She was suspended for a week for inappropriate behavior.
I hope things don’t get worse at her home because of her suspension …

Riyaad speaks to me sometimes during the soccer matches we have in PE, his a very nice guy he respects me ,well all girls for that matter …

I caught myself staring at him once x_x, his dimples are the most attractive thing on this Earth and the noor on his face is so apparent but I had to keep on reminding myself to keep my gaze low. Oh but why is so difficult to do the right thing. 

As narrated by Yaasir :

School was just awesome today if only all the girls in this school would dress like Laylaa, it would make life soo much more enjoyable !
It just hurts me to see girls fighting over me ..

Oh, who am I kidding damn they don’t matter to me, I just love girls and their pointless drama. It always comes in handy to spice up boring mundane school routine.

In a way I’m glad she got suspended I need a break from her she’s all over me most of the time its annoying and at other times its a “You Only Live Once ” type of feeling with her.

I did abit of research about that Zaneerah girl and turns out she’s way more better looking then I had expected. You know I thought she was unattractive and hopeless but turns out all she probably just needs a stylist and some fashion sense. 

I stole Yusra phone the other day and found a picture of Yusra and her last year while she and Yusra were having a sleepover her hair was in a messy bun her fringe layed neatly across her forehead she had a milkshake messed on the side of her lips and she had dimples.

Its strange though I didn’t ever see that picture on Yusraa’s instagram account maybe Zaneerah never allow her to post it.
Typical holy girl .

Wait, what the hell am I saying !?!

 What’s wrong with me I’m Yaasir Ally AND I DO NOT compliment anymore and mean it.

She’s like extremely holy and never had a boyfriend before one of my soccer bru’s told me she was close to some classmate of hers who apparently moved to Capetown in grade 10.

It can’t be that hard to make her fall for me, I mean seriously like have you seen me, anyone who gets see me in their lifetime should thank their lucky stars.

As narrated by Riyaad :

I didn’t see Zaneerah today 😦 , later on I found out she was absent.
I hope she’s okay ,I just feel soo restless when I don’t see her ..

I went home and phoned Zaneerahs house phone but it rang and rang and no one answered that just got me worried even more .
I phoned her cell number and shukr she answered but what am I going to say !?!

Zaneerah : Slmz ?

ME: Wslmz , This is Mahmood can I speak to Azhar ?

Zaneerah : maaf you got the wrong number

ME : oh strange but thanks and maaf .

And I cut the call she sounds fine and dreamy as usual ..

Hopefully I see her tomorrow or else I’m going to her house to see if she’s alright

I spoke to Yusra during PE she’s extremely sweet and totally opposite to Yaasir if it wasn’t for there striking resemblance I would have never known they were twins .
Looks like I might have found a new friend ..

As narrated by Shagufta :

Ummi -Non- jaan
( she’s noo more my ummi jaan as she noo give me parathas ) fetched me early from school I was confused and bhai was also in the car I asked ummi why she fetched me early from school ?

The biggest mistake I could have ever made .
Then and there I got a bayaan about how rude it is to question your ummi and how no one will ever marry a girl like me and I need to be extra careful since I’m not khoobsurat (beautiful )and haari chokri (good girl) instead I’m kaali and moti (Dark and fat )

When I got home I asked my abba jaan why ummi fetched me from school early he told me that my khala was coming to visit

Oh my damn parathas ! Not khala don’t get me wrong ,I love my khala but she can be very mean at times ..

Ummi made me work extremely hard and made me make supper while she went shopping with bhai for a new outfit even though half his cupboard is full with clothes that his never worn its not fair the only time she takes me shopping is Eid time and that’s it and I can’t even complain because that will make me non-haari  again!

Khala came home, hugged and greeted everyone but when she came to me she just asked me if I had a bath and that I picked up too much weight since the last time she seen me! ? !

What the damn parathas !

I looked soo neat and bhai jaan is the most embarrassing indian ladoo on the entire continent !

He was wearing a red skinny with a yellow top and purple sunglasses but khala never say anything to him.
This is exactly why I never call my friends home x_x… 

I give up with my family ,Its like they don’t love me 😦 well atleast I have my first love 😛 parathas they will always love me no matter what.
*** Authors note –
This post is dedicated to my loyal blog readers and to all my special friends ( maji ,sabee ,safu ,mana, nailz ,faymz ) who always support and encourage me I love u alll loads and you all mean the world to me mwahz

Lots of love :
A.S ♥