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Quote of the day :
” Be careful who you make memories with those things can last for a lifetime.”
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As narrated by Zaneerah :

The class was being noisy as usual and since we were at a student teachers class because our physics teacher was absent, it was abit too noisy for my liking.

‘KYUN KI TUM HI HO ‘ (‘Because its only you’..{lyrics of an indian love song} )…

I wondered which Einstein was playing an Indian song now during class time then it hit me that its my ringtone, Oh no ! .

Luckily the teacher wasn’t in class but at the office, I quickly scrambled in my bag and found my phone in record breaking time hoping no one heard but as usual me and my bad luck.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on me with there questioning looks and raised eyebrows .

The class was pin drop silent .

Damn ,I’m definitely an embarrassment attracting magnet ! .

I quickly ran outside the classroom and answered the call


Caller :
Urr is this Zaneerah ?.

Zaneerah :
Jee this is Zaneerah ,maaf I didn’t quite get who you are ? .
Listen I don’t intend on being rude ,whoever you are please phone back after 10 minutes I’m in class right now.

And then the mysterious caller cut the call.


#saved by the bell.

Hopefully everyone will forget this incident by tomorrow I thought as I waited for the driver to pick me up.

Tears slowly started rolling down my cheeks as I remembered the incident of how my ringtone came about to be the song ‘tum hi ho’

We had a free period that day so we were on the playground this was when I was in grade 9 .
He kept on trying to convince me about how nice that song is ,as it was one of his favorites.

Which was strange because he doesn’t really like indian songs and me being stubborn kept on saying I don’t want to listen to it but he was more stubborn nonetheless and took my phone, changed my ringtone to the song Tum hi ho and since then I haven’t had it in me to change my ringtone, besides I didn’t get calls so often.

People change and leave but memories always stay ..why? 

My thoughts was ended abruptly because the mysterious caller called once again but only this time did I recognize the voice .

How silly can you be Zaneerah !
How can you not recognize his voice?
The voice you have been dying to hear for soo long …
Has my past come back to haunt me? …

***** Authors note :
Hope you enjoyed the post I apologize for this post being quite short I’ll make it up to you’ll in the weekend hopefully keep well till then
A.S ♥