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Quote of the day :
“Be who you are and say what you want to say those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind”
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A week had gone by since school had started and the 6 grademates were starting to try and adjust with their new classmates.

Zaneerah ,Yaasir and Laylaa were in the same class while Riyaad ,Shagufta and Yusraa were together in another class, with many others ofcourse. 


As narrated by Yusraa :
I like my new classmates they don’t seem so bad ,I mean thank the lord!, that Yaasir and I are in separate classes.

I will miss Zaneerah a lot though she was always so wise and peaceful and always knew what to say, but I shouldn’t complain at least I have Shagufta, she definitely will keep me entertained for the whole year .

Some Riyaad guy is in my class he looks handsome but he seems to be awfully shy and quiet he just sits and does his work lol Thee perfect example of beauty with brains..

Maybe he will open up but I mean its already a week into grade 11 but anyways hopefully his not one of those conceited full of themselves type of guys.


As narrated by Laylaa:

Grand, just damn grand !, they put Zaneera Ismail the “know it all holy girl” in my class.

*Inserting extremely huge rolling eyes here*

I mean seriously ,some people really need to invest in a magazine and learn what’s fashion and what’s not! I mean her clothes are a disgrace they so shabby and argh

She’s definitely not from the 21st century but who cares about her anyways, since I have Yaasir in my class !

His sexy face will keep me going but I don’t know why his ignoring me? It’s probably because of the drama Laylaa created last year, b***.
Oh well ,that’s defnitly not going to last wait till I wear my new strapless net dress I’m sure it will get his eyes back on me.


As narrated by Riyaad :

Fate was definitely not on my side.Zaneerah and I were not in the same class.School seems fine ,workload has increased a lot actually a lot would be an understatement .

I will just have to work super hard this year .

I have planned to make a boys taalim group with the muslim boys in our school during second break since breaks are one hour ,half an hour of taalim won’t harm anyone.
It would actually benefit the guys and the amount of reward we will be getting is unimaginable.

I’m the only muslim boy in our class with two other muslim girls but I can’t talk to them so I usually just lower my gaze and look out of the window or stare at the ceiling.
One of those girls , Shagufta ,she’s soo loud ! And down right hilarious though,I admit.

I can hear her all the time as for that other girl whose name I think is Yusra, I noticed how good she is in soccer she really knows what she’s doing unlike the other girls who are too worried about there expensive shoes getting dirty instead of enjoying the wonderful sport, she’s different.


As narrated by Yaasir :

Damn I’m in such a shit class !
I have some” holy girl ” in my class and the worst part of this year is that Laylaa is in my class.

I mean is this bad luck or what? I mean sure she’s abit sexy and all but I have seen everything there is too see and now she’s old and Yaasir Alli don’t do old things .

That holy girl is weird but extremely clever and I like her name its nice, Zaneerah.


As narrated by Shafugta :

Well I have nothing to complain about besides the fact that ummi jaan only gave me one paratha for school everyday so far because I’m becoming fat and in her language ‘non haari’.

I mean you can take my cellphone and shoes but don’t take my parathas ummi!.

I don’t see how I am soooooo fat!?! I mean bhai is smaller then me but his 3 times my weight he looks like a laddu!, a big fat laddu. ummi just keeps on feeding him and say nothing and she always gives him extra parrathas its soo not fair .

My life is currently parathaliss 😦


**Authors note :
Zaneerahs point of view which is a long post will either be posted tomorrow or on friday ! Hope u enjoyed reading
A.S ♡

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