As narrated by Zaneerah :

‘Zaneerah Ismail’, you may know my name but you don’t know my story ..

lol okay, I know lame x_x

A few things about me that you probably did not know :

  • I’m 16 going to turn 17 soon and I’m a genius according to people 
  • I have the worst sense of humor even though one of bestfriends Shagufta can make almost anybody laugh.
  • I’m the so called ” pious girl / holy girl ” of the school 

My life was simple and an open book until he came along like a lighthouse but ended up being the storm in my life.

My story ..

When I was in grade 7 I was young, vulnerable and innocent, my life was running smoothly.

No boy problems, no having cat fights with anyone, no bursting out crying at random times but then he walked into my life, actually walked into my classroom .

Everytime I think of him I can’t help but smile and then my smile disappears as I remember that he is no more in my life.

Do you know how it feels when someone means the world to you and then they just leave ?

Well I really hope none of you’ll understand because I wouldn’t want anyone to feel the pain I’m feeling right now.

I know what you might be thinking ,she’s just one of those typical girls with a boy problem .
Who date then break up and she ends up with a broken heart for months.
Well no, not exactly my problem is slightly different.

We were friends from grade 7 till grade 10 actually we were more then friends but less than lovers.
We had something, something we never named.

No we didn’t kiss and meet during breaks and weekends and took a million of selfies and hold hands etc .

We just spoke and I’m not saying that its right to speak to a guy because it isn’t I do regret the sin I had done but  back to my story.

We spoke and spoke and never got tired of speaking to each other we respected our different view points and just connected in a way that I could never understand. Nobody could understand our bond it was as if we were total opposite and sometimes just the same .

It was definitely not love because there’s no love before marriage but as much as I hate myself to say this .. I miss him I miss him terribly .

He left in grade 10 and before I knew it I had gotten replaced with someone else it hurt ..
It hurt a lot but I guess life cannot always be perfect and happy.

Everyone assumes me to be that ” holy girl ” and I see no problem with being called that. Its just strange how people can just assume the role of God and decide whose holy and whose not? 

It’s difficult to move on when you weren’t even a relationship I guess I couldn’t get over the fact that I was so easily replacable, I could never get over the fact that I was so easy to leave behind.