As narrated by Yusra :

Yayy today’s the first day of school ! . . .
– Said no one ever.

A new year , a fresh start … which means leaving last year in the past . Oh , how I wish that was easy ..

I could never get how people can get so excited and hyped up about the first day , I mean after that amazing long lazy december holidays , who wants to start school work ?!
(No offense to those who do get excited though)

I wonder what this year has in store for me . Hopefully its unlike last year which was filled with a whole lot of drama which was mostly caused by *any guesses ? *

Yes yes ,you guessed right Yaasir !

My brozo(A mixture of a bozo and a brother at times), my frienemy I love him and don’t at the same time.

After what he did with laylz (Laylaa ) and Tasyy (tasneem a classmate of Yaasir’s) I don’t even want to go school,everyone and their judgmental gazes. I mean he did it not me ! Hmm … but I guess I have no choice ..

Sigh ….

I shoved myself out of bed lazily and dragged myself to my All – Stars and backpack.
As narrated by Laylaa :

Finally the day has arrived I can’t wait to get my revenge on that piece of handsome crap Yaasir . Damn , I hate him but I mean his soo handsome, how can such damned evil ever be so tempting.

Yaasir and I would make the best couple, the hottest couple.

But I’ll sort that out later,  now my main focus is to look not just good but the best for the first day of school .So I quickly went in the shower then put my leather jacket and skinny jeans on, not to forget my stunning Jimmy Choo heels from Dubai, a sprint of my Lacoste perfume, a bit of make up and with one final check in the mirror .. I was ready . But first I need to take a perfect selfie 

Now.. I really wonder whose gonna be my new classmates this year hope they hot and brainless just like I like them. The clever ones talk too much for my liking.

As narrated by Riyaad:

Finally that day has come when I’ll see her.

*happy dancing in his heart*

She’s the only person I ask for in all my duas, I just need her, I want her innocent smile to be just mine. I need Zaneerah Ismail to be mine and only mine …

I was up from after Fajr trying to decide what to wear so that she notices me … After a whole lot of procrastination , I decided on a faded light blue jeans with a white shirt

*Also boys take their time to dress okay, who says only girls can look good and for her I had to look killer *

Authors note:

Slmz , inshallah tomorrow or tuesday I’ll post zaneerahs ,yaasirs and shaguftas thoughts about the first day…plz do spread the word of this blog it would be highly appreciated comment are more then welcome and let me know if you have any suggestions you would like to share with me about this blog