Zaneerah :
An innocent 16 year old who once had the most attractive personality, she was friendly ,kind and not to mention extremely down to earth even though she was filthy rich.

Yaasir :
The play boy of the town, in short a rich spoilt brat but maybe there’s a side to him ..a side no one has ever seen or tried to discover.

Shagufta :
A pure bred indian whose also Zaneerahs neighbor and bestfriend ,she has a very bubbly personality and can make almost anybody laugh but as the say sometimes the one who makes everyone laugh doesn’t have anyone to make them smile. 

Riyaad :
A simple down to earth kind of a guy and a total nerd who respects girls and hardly ever does anything bad , he has the looks and a perfect personality ,adventurous, charismatic and honest but life ain’t perfect and neither is he…

Yusra :
Yaasirs twin sister she and him are poles apart, he likes to break hearts while she likes to mend them.
The tom boyish type girl who would choose All stars over heels any day. She’s extremely courageous, kind and doesn’t care what people say or think about her.

Laylaa :
A proud ,arrogant teenager whose aim in life is basically to make everybody around her to feel bad about themselves but there’s more that meets the eye then one sees..

Keep well yours faithfully :